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I couldn't concentrate on the new homeowners' contract in front of me. Something shifted in the air. Knowing my daughter's ceremony was less one day away, I felt something off in our bond. I didn't feel threatened. It felt like something was added. Rage huffed, he too felt it. Back and forth we were throwing opinions as to what may have happened.

"Mr. Monroe. Mr. Saville is here to speak with you. He says it's urgent." The competent voice of my secretary broke our intense conversation. Then it registered to me who she announced.

'I think we both know what it is now,' Rage said releasing a tired sigh. Pressing the answer button on the intercom I replied to her to let him in. Standing, I made my way to the mini bar to pour myself a glass of brandy.

'Liquid courage?' Rage asked.

'More like a liquid shield. Not even Elena knows what I'm about to tell her mate,' I replied.

'True. Let's get this over with. I need to be let out soon. Who would have thought our pup's mating will be so stressful.'

Chuckling at his mock exasperated attitude I walked to the door and opened it. Dimitri simply walked in and began to pace the length of the room. I locked the door then took a seat behind my desk, turning to look out the window that showed me the view of the town.

"What happened?" I asked still focused on the outside world.

"Tales of a sisterhood," he muttered running his hand through his brown hair. Narrowing my eyes and taking in his magical disguise, I had to agree with my daughter. This casual beach town guy look doesn't suit him. He was more of a dark quiet type.

"Clarify?" I asked.

"Rachel stopped by early this morning. For what? Only the blessed moon spirits knew why. Lena told me of her wiles of seduction before but her display this morning was disgusting. I had second-hand embarrassment for her, just for a moment. Lena.... well Tara in this instant was on the verge to attack Rachel after bringing up her past. I still can't believe how those men betrayed her for sexual favors,"

"Trust me I still can't also. It took real strength not to let my wolf live up to his name after I heard. Rachel's actions and her mother's made me even more protective of Ellie," I commented. It also made me realize the mistake I made in making Helen, my wife. Rubbing my face tiredly I tried to put my focus back onto the young king than my personal follies.

"Ellie and Tara both have such peaceful personalities. They both take the brunt from Rachel and Helen to a point but never let their animalistic instinct take over," I explained.

"I know this that's why I was shocked when Tara surfaced but...."

"But what?" I asked turning to him fully. Dimitri stood before me with a worried look.

"She was beginning to transition. I-I saw the golden rings in her eyes, Elias. I wanted guidance so I summoned my family's book. None of my ancestors has been mated with a high positioned wolf. Then..."

"Then what son?" I saw how he was warring with his emotions but I had to keep up my facade. I promised.

"My father's last entry," he stated solemnly.

I sat back and thought back to the last day I spent with his father. The man was beside himself, setting up so many precautions for his pup and his people. At their first meeting when he revealed himself it was a mild shock, I knew centuries my family has been known as protecting high ranks of wolves but Royalty? There were three before scattered between years but Vincent's plea for help was the worse of them all.

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