Nick and Jordan were still debating what they would do should they come across any of Eugene's friends when the call from Doctor Marshall came blaring in Nick's ear.

"We've got visitor comin' up from below.", the doc coolly stated.

Of course, without an earpiece, Jordan didn't hear the transmission.

"All I'm saying is that I think it's ridiculous that we finally find proof of alien...", Jordan was stating before she was cut off by Nick, who's expression had turned suddenly serious.

Nick raised a finger to silence the Commander, "Say that again doc. You've got a what?"

At that moment, the unknown object shot straight above the ridge Deep Blue resided on, before continuing it's rapid surface-bound ascension. It was moving so fast the station's exterior cameras were having difficulty tracking it.

The doctor didn't get much of a look, but from what he did see in the bright streak that rocketed past, even he was betting on it's origins being -- not from around these parts.

"Yep.", the doctor confirmed. "We've got guests."

The doctor watched the dot of light get smaller and smaller as it continued it's course. There was even a moment when he thought that maybe, just maybe, the object missed them...or was ignoring them all together. But before the light was completely lost in the darkness above, he watched as the object made a sudden u-turn and set a course on a direct path for Deep Blue.

"Well, that's great.", the doctor groaned before tapping the comms.

"Sheppard, we've got a situation here."

"What's wrong", Jordan asked after reading the expression on Nick's face.

"It's doc. It sounds like he's got -- some kind of visitor."

Nick tapped the comm switch in his ear, "What kind of a situation are we talking about doc?"

"Aliens?", Jordan mouthed without making sound.

Nick returned his best, "I have no idea" look.

As the mysterious ship approached for the second time, the cameras were already locked on and the doctor had a much better view. As Syndi had stated, the object was cylindrical at about three feet long by a foot and a half in diameter.

Without an answer, Nick asked again, "Doc, what kind of a situation? Are you in trouble?"

"I'm not quite sure yet.", the doctor replied.

As the tiny craft approached the station, it slowed, before encircling the habitat. The doctor did his best to keep up with its location as it leapt from one camera monitor to the next. It was not an easy task.

"Track it Syndi.", the doctor ordered. "Don't lose it."

"Yes doctor."

The A.I.'s predictive algorithms were much more adept at tracking the craft than the doctor was. As the object circled the station once more it continued to slow its speed until it finally came to a complete stop.

"Doctor Marshall,", Syndi reported. "The object has stopped moving."

"Where is it Syndi?"

"It is currently located just to the north east of the station."

"The north east?", the doctor repeated, aligning the mental compass in his head.

"The laboratory wing."

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