Chapter Thirteen

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THIRTEEN May we meet again, my friend

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May we meet again, my friend.

"So they call you Pakstoka, what exactly does that mean?" A voice sounds from outside of the cage, I look up, tired and worn out. It's hot in here, and most of the grounders aren't fairing well with the lack of air supply.

I see his face, a very familiar one that brings back memories of my training days on the Ark. Ty, a tall muscular man, blue eyes, stubble and black hair. He smiles smugly at me.

"Ava Kennedy, speechless. Never would have thought, my god you have changed." Tycen continues. When I don't reply he snickers. "What happened to the old Ava, the one so hell bent on revenge and ready for a war. The one-"

"She grew up." I say, "She finally figured out what the hell she needs to do. And that's protect people. What I did on the Ark was a mistake."

Ty walks up the the mesh cage, they covered it up after my run in with the guard. I look over at Lincoln, who's watching me carefully.

"Was I a mistake?" Ty asks, faking that he's hurt. "Because that's not what you said-"

"Huh." I get up from where I'm sitting, and walk over to him. "I was a girl who lost her parents, everything. You were something that happened after a little too much weed that I got off my friends from farm station."

Ty smirks. "It doesn't matter now." I remember him, fighting with the other 'recruits' he was stronger, ruthless, heartless, even more so than I was. It only makes sense that he would be Pike's right hand man, he was attracted to chaos.

"Does Pike no about your extracurriculars on the Ark?" I ask, glaring at him. Ty nods.

"It's a new world, Ava, one only built for those who will do what it takes to survive. Unfortunately you won't be around to see it." Ty says, turning around to walk out the door, I role my eyes, turning back around.

"Bellamy Blake won't be around either." He finishes, I spin around, furious.

"Fuck you, Ty." I growl.

"You already have."


I sit next to Lincoln, and stare blankly at the wall. Figuring out a plan for when they try and take us away, but I can't think of anything. I've been looking out of the cage for hours, waiting.

My heart sunk when Jasper stopped right in front of the door, he turned and met my eyes but looked away and kept walking. Then I think, I knew that he would never forgive me for Mount Weather.

I missed him so much. I miss the old Jasper, the one I played pranks with and drunk with in the janitor closet on the Ark with Monty. He was like a brother to me, and I wasn't there for him.

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