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I'm sure I'm not the only one sick of this vampire crap. Like seriously, we all went a bit psycho after twilight.

I hate twilight. My sister likes it. I don't know why. It's her very definition of good writing.

Honestly, I'm not saying this as someone who read one page and hates it because everyone else does.  I gave it a fair trial and read all four books but did not enjoy them.

It made the instructions on the back of a packet of hair dye look more interesting.

Seriously, if you hate this vampire craze as much as I do, check out Paragor's book "oh no I kissed a vampire- does he know that I'm a werewolf."

It's amazing. A perfect caption of a lot of the rubbish posted on here by twilight-obsessed teen girls. Seriously.

I fell in love with a vampire dude, jeez hes hot lol but could never love a human chick like me...OMG HE KISSED ME but it means nothing becqause im a human....wait no we're in love now but he's jerk but so sexy so lets have a vamp baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honey, you just basically stole Stephanie Meyer's whole idea. If you published that, you could be legitimately sued.

Maybe this was original five years ago. But it's a little weird when there are vampires in high school and it just gets to the extent where it's just ludicrous.

On the subject of pasty white people, what is with British guys cropping up in romances?

As a note, I am from the UK. There are many different accents around England, but the guy in the book always has a mainstream one. They are generally from London or something.

Probably the only place in England the author knows.

For the record, I'm not complaining. I just find it sort of strange, haha.

(gif added for the simple fact that Jensen Ackles is fine af)


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