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A low and uneasy growl escaped Elias in the confines of his office. His grip on his pen in hand grew tighter as he rolled his neck from side to side to ease the tension building in his shoulders.

'Our pup...' Rage couldn't continue. Mother was calling him to the sanctuary. It was unheard of to call upon the wolf spirits all at once but something was up.

'What of Ellie?!' Elias asked instantly worried for his little girl.

'She's safe. I will return shortly. Our pup is safe,' Rage said letting his human feel his assurance. Elias breathed out a frustrated sigh, 'Okay.'

Within the hour of Rage's absence, neighboring alphas surrounding the town contacted him of the weird situation of their wolves also. Patrol has been beefed up due to their vulnerability, the witches within the packs were recruited to help out in protection detail. It was moving on to the afternoon and Elias was becoming worried, Rage hasn't returned and his daughter hasn't visited him nor called. Since his mate passed away he always grew anxious when he's not in contact with her. She was his last lifeline to this world.

Worries of a father and fear for his sanity he called her phone. Checking the time he knew she will either be at the coffee shop selflessly helping Helen or leaving the library.

"Hi, daddy!"

Those two words calmed him instantly. "Ellie! Are you okay honey?" he asked leaning back slightly in his chair.

"More than okay. I have great news daddy. I found him. I found my mate," Her excitement was infectious, pride and contentment bloomed in his chest. In his mind, he told himself that she will be taken care of when he leaves this world. Elias laughed heartily listening to her adorable rantings. She paused for a moment then continued.

"Daddy? Can you have dinner with us tonight? I would love for you to meet him. He also wants to meet you," she asked shyly.

"Of course Ellie. Usual time?" he asked.

"Yup. Don't be late. Love you, daddy,"

"Love you too sweetie. " With a huge shit eating grin on his face he ended the call, excited to meet his daughter's mate. Checking the time once more, he knew he had to call his wife. Like an overplayed record he knew each word that will escape her mouth. She hated when he spent time with Elena and kept on forcing Rachel on him. He acknowledged the girl as his stepdaughter, be that father figure for her but she had a vile demeanor just like her mother. A demeanor that was well hidden behind their beauty.

Dialing Helen's number he leaned back heavily on his chair with his feet propped on the desk.

"Hello," Her answer was abrupt and filled with annoyance. The loud chatter of customers and the hissing of coffee machines filtered through the phone.

"Dear, I won't be home for dinner tonight. Terribly sorry. Please give Mrs. Charles my apologies," he returned.

"Who is she? You have been missing dinners and coming home late. I no longer believe that crap you spew with spending time with Elena. So who is she?" She was practically screeching by now, earning looks from her customers.

"Darling. If there was another woman then there will be a new Mrs. Monroe. Don't wait up," Without anything further to say he ended the call.

Her accusation had him thinking along with Elena's question a while back. Is his second mate out there? Is it too late? Can he love that deeply once more? Scrubbing his face tiredly he returned to his work with his thoughts on his daughter.

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