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Johnny's PoV
Carson: bro focus on the game
Me: I can't.
Carson: please don't tell me it's because of y/n
Me: it isn't
Carson: sure then what is it
Me: it's .....Leo ( I lied)
Carson: what happened?
Me: he's hungry and I can't feed him
Carson: why can't you?
Me: he's cuddling y/n and her so called *best friend*
Carson: Zephan? He just got out of a relationship. Literally a week ago or something
Me: oh. Whoops.
Carson: can you play the game now?
Me: fine

Your POV
Zephan: what's your plan
You: try to talk to him I guess
Zephan: don't say anything dumb please
You: I won't
Zephan: good luck
You knock on his door
John : I'm busy
You; ok
John: y/n???
You: Yh
John: come in
You: are you sure?
John: yh I am
You enter his room with hope
John: Carson wait one second
Carson: okay
Johnny closes the door behind him
John: so what?
You: ugh John I'm sorry. I know what I did was wrong and I don't have an excuse but I miss you so much and-
John: you hurt me. You lied and pretended that you had a crazy ex just so we wouldn't get found out. I also miss you but I don't forgive easily
You: well I hope you know that I tried and I'm not going to give up on you so easily. You were my first boyfriend so I hope you know you are special to me
John: I hope that's true
You walk away and you look again one more time and John looks at you too with sad eyes
You mouth I love you to him and leave. When you turned around he mouthed I love you too back. Unfortunately you didn't see it

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