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What is with all these perfect romances lately?

1) omfg guess what I have an arranged marriage to this jerk!

2) I love my boyfriend's / best friend's brother

3) Sexy jerkkk

Oh please. This makes me want to cry because it's so bad.

Luckily a lot of this type of thing has gone down over time. As someone pointed it, its prime time was about 2012. Which was when I first joined this site and what made me want to write this.

Can I ask something?

Do people really have any arranged marriages anymore in countries such as England and America? Sure, if that is your religion or culture or whatever I respect that. I know somebody who is originally from India and her parents had an arranged marriage.

But in reality, this would not happen.

"Guess what Rebecca I arranged your marriage." "Who with Mom?" asked Rebecca grabbing an apple. "That guy, Jamie oh and youre having a wedding tommorow." "Oh alright I hope he's nice lol."

I can't even ....

And the whole "I love my best friend's brother" thing. 99% of the time I find those boring.

Honestly, if you bang on about it the whole book it won't make your reader want more. You could possibly make it a contributing factor, but not go on about how Sarah loves him the whole book.

Can't you people read a decent published book and get some tips there? Just don't do a wattpad and copy their whole plot idea ...

*cough cough, everything on what's hot*

Published books have hundreds of great tips. Foreshadowing, creating tension, subtlety, clues, messages, themes, political issues and much more.

Basically, just learn to bloody write.

I just.. think some people use the theme to justify the whole possessive romance thing? Where the weak-willed girl falls for the sexy, possessive lover just because he's hot. Ya'll make girls seem weak.

In my personal case, I'm a feminist, and these books are given a red flag.

Soon I am planning to write a novel about the role of women in society in the 1950s and the whole women's revolution. This is an obvious theme, but it gives you a bit of an idea.


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