Chapter Fifteen: Under Pressure, Part 2

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HyPN0se's POV: SUB

Oh, the horror! The absolute horror!

Simply thinking about that day sent shivers down my spine!

I could literally hear my mother's words echoing in my head, berating me for every single mistake I had made that day...

Yet I couldn't come out.

I couldn't make myself noticed.

I had already done so many times before.

Like that one day...

FLASHBACK: "Who Wants To Live Forever?"

This was excellent!

This news was absolutely excellent!

Nimja Hypnosis, who I had absolutely adored for years, who I had no interest in killing even though my mother desperately wanted me to...

He was immortal!

He couldn't die!

I was filled to the brim with happiness that day!

And yet...

I couldn't show it.

She would punish me if I did.

So I had to keep up the facade of faking anger, pretending to hate the fact that he was immortal, pretending to hate him...

But I didn't hate him!

On the contrary!

I was a huge fan of Nimja!

If only I could get him to see that...

But in the meantime, she was in full control of me.

And there was no chance of me escaping.

I could hear my mother drill the words inside my head, and I repeated them exactly:

"Ik was van plan de hypnotische idioot te vermoorden, en nu vertel je me dat hij niet dood kan gaan?! Mijn hele plan is verpest!"

But my plan isn't ruined, I thought to myself. I never had a plan to kill Nimja in the first place... if only there was some way I could make him see that...

I sighed.

And yet to my horror I could already feel an evil smirk creeping across my face.


Oh, no...

This was bad...

What in the world did she plan to make me do?!


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