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Our story begins with the tragic tale of a prince, a princess, a death, and the discovery of a powerful object. No one would have thought that something as simple as a broken heart could lead to a long-lasting despair, but once you learn how it all went down, everything will make  sense.

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom made of ice cream and dairy treats of all sorts, there lived a prince. He was a calm and happy prince who lived in this kingdom with his older sister, a princess, and his younger brother. Every day when he was not attending to his prince duties, he would play with his siblings. He would make time for his brother here and there, but the one who he hung out with the most was his sister, the princess. He loved her more than anything in the world, and as time passed, who his sister was began to turn into who HE was.

The princess was a pretty young lady, calm and quiet. She was also incredibly sensitive. She enjoyed the company of her brothers and was very similar to the prince due to her being the center of his universe. However, there was one distinct difference: the princess had a crush.

Yes, the princess had a crush. Upon figuring out who the crush was, the prince treated him like a king. He did whatever the crush wanted him to do and was charmed to his every beck and call. Unfortunately for the princess, she was too shy to tell her love how she felt about him and so failed to fulfill her heart's desire.

One not-so-fateful day, the prince and the princess were shocked to hear the news: the princess's crush had just gotten married to his love. The news broke the princess's sensitive heart, eventually killing her. The prince, devastated that his beloved sister had died, felt as if he had lost his purpose in life. Soon, a want for revenge tingled and sparkled inside him, and the ice powers he was born with got stronger. Later on, he began giving harsh fates to those who upset him, starting by exiling his brother from the kingdom. His next target was obviously the crush, so the crush gathered his family and hid away with them.

Not too long later, the prince was able to track down the family, scheduling an execution for the crush's wife and a lengthy term in prison for the crush himself as punishment for his actions. The rest of the family was forced to retreat to a very faraway island.

The night before her execution, the wife, and now a mother, decided to go for a walk to say goodbye to the world she knew. She was terrified that her two daughters and son would suffer a similar fate until she made a shocking discovery: a tiny, red shard. Knowing it was the key to defeating the rampaging prince, she kept the shard with her. After the execution, however, it faded away, never to be seen again.

The prince vowed he would strike down any positivity in his way to teach the world a lesson about taking it away from him. Soon, though, he was apprehended by a group of adventurers and imprisoned in a mountain where everyone believed he would remain. But then, on a seemingly normal day, something bizarre happened to the most positive soul in the world... 

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