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Devon felt a twist in his stomach, and he gagged. His mother died like this. The images of her and Sonora overlaid each other in his mind until he couldn't breathe. He reached out his arms to his niece only to be pushed aside by the giant.

With a far more gentle hand than anyone would consider him capable, Ian crouched and gathered Sonora up. He bent over her, his gaze roving her body. Then he turned and roared at Devon. "You've killed her! Wasn't the horror you inflicted on me and my kind enough? You had to take her too?"

Devon shook his head back and forth. No. No! He couldn't have. He was saving her. He was protecting them all! Tears flooded his eyes as he watched Sonora's head loll against Ian's arm. A groan tore from his throat. He couldn't watch this any longer. Devon turned and fled down the hallway.

Ian turned back to Sonora, laying his head close to hers, waiting for the grief to overtake him. He was still, wanting to spend these last few moments with her in quietness.

Then he felt it. Against his cheek, the fan of warm breath. She was alive!

He brought his hand out from beneath her head. It was covered in blood. "Sunny?"

She groaned.

Holding her, Ian stood and looked from one hallway to the other. The place was a maze. Should he follow Devon, or would that lead further into this dungeon? Desperation colored his voice. "My heart, I do not know which way to go."

Sonora groaned again and tried to lift an arm. Finally, she whispered, "Right."

Ian peered down one hallway then another. Had they already turned when they saw Devon? His mind had still been blurry from his drug-induced state.

Sonora's eyes blinked open. She gasped and narrowed them against the light that now blinded her. Moving her eyes, but careful with her head, she lifted a finger and pointed the way. "There. Across from a room full of cases, there is a hidden door. I left it open a little."

Before she was done speaking Ian rushed down the hallway as fast as he was able without disturbing her. Her blood left little pools along the floor.

There it was! He could see the door she came through--a small bump in the wall. He pulled it open with his foot and bullied through the cleaning closet, leaving thumps and clatters behind him.

He burst into a hallway with a huge whale on the wall. A mother and two small children walked to the restroom. The mother pulled the children tight to her side while the little ones looked at him with big eyes.

"Woman! How do I leave this building?"

The woman paled. Ian could only imagine the sight he and Sunny made.

"Please, woman! She is injured."

She tipped her head in the direction. "That way and to the left. Do you want an ambulance?"

Ian was already moving past her.

Once in the lobby, he could see the outer doors, as well as, hear the trail of gasps and whispers.

"Sir! Sir! Do you need help?" A young security guard rushed over eager to perform his duties.

Ian ignored him.

"Sir! If that happened here, we need to take care of it. You can't just leave here."

Ian raced toward the front doors.

"Sir! You must stop! I can't let you go through those doors."

Ian couldn't let anyone stop him. He prepared to elbow the man in the face when he saw the man fumble with a taser. An uncontrollable rage flared within Ian, and he let his fist fly. The young man dropped without a sound. But two more were coming up behind him.

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