Ice, Water, and Shadow

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          A dark figure stood out against the white flakes flurrying through the air.

          They seemed to be floating forward as their feet couldn't be seen beneath the deep black hooded cloak that dragged through the snow. The crunching of snow was quiet, almost as if they weren't stepping at all. The only evidence of their presence, was the noticeable path of the cloak left behind.

          A small cry rang out, the sound muffled because of the snow. The person stopped, head tilting in the direction it came from. Once it could be heard again, they followed it to the source, slowly moving so as to not frighten whatever it was.

          At first, the only thing to be seen was trees and snow, confusing them as to where the noise had come from. The tiny cry squeaked again, this time much closer. The cloaked rustled as they turned to a tree, curiously going to it. They looked down, finding a small owl laying on its side with its wings tangled in dead vines.

          They crouched and gently picked it up, softly rubbing its head. It cried once more, vocalizing the discomfort it felt. The person stood, only to freeze at the quiet crunch behind them.

         The hood turned, attempting to look behind them. A whoosh was heard before something planted itself in the tree directly beside their head. It just barely avoided hitting them, showing whoever shot it could have easily done it again.

          "Don't move." a voice commanded.

         They didn't, and instead looked at the projectile, pausing at the sight of it. It was completely turquoise, from the tip to the end. A slight mist was coming off of it, and it didn't appear to be because it was warm.

          The cloak ruffled as they moved to touch it.

          "I will not warn you again. Move, and I'll throw it again. This time I won't miss on purpose," she warned. "Now... who are you?"

          They stayed silent for a little while, still analyzing the object. "What did you throw at me?"

          "That's for me to know and you to worry about. I can tell by your voice that you're a girl, why are you out here?" she demanded.

          The bird called quietly in the cloaked girl's hands.

          "What is that?" another voice asked, evidently feminine.

          "An owl," she replied, soothingly rubbing its head.

          The two girls behind her looked at one another, finding it strange that she wasn't scared. Any normal person would have been frightened by them being in danger, but this person wasn't. Rather, she flinched after she was almost hit, only to calm down once she looked at what it was.

          "Who are you?"

          She moved beneath her cloak, grabbing one of the knives hidden away inside. "Did Mother send you?" she asked, "Prove to me she did and I will explain myself."

          They stopped at her statement, looking at each other once more. "Turn around," the one with her arm up, ready to throw demanded.

          She turned around slowly, knowing they were still cautious of her.

          They couldn't see anything, not even her face. There appeared to be unnatural darkness shielding it from view.

          A dull shining caught her attention, drawing her to the weapon on the second girl's back. They didn't know which of them she was looking at, so she could analyze them freely.

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