part 21

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Ebonie come and we was just talking and I tell her everything in details. "So when we will go and meet the boys?" Ebonie ask I just laugh. "You really want to meet Martinus right?" I ask with smirk. "Well... Maybe" she say. "Kimberley come downstairs. Someone is at the door for you" I heard my grandma yell. "I will be right back" I say and go downstairs. "Hey" Marcus and Martinus say in same time. "Hey" I say and they both hug me. "Well we decide to come at your place this time if it's okay" Marcus say. "Yes of course and by the way Ebonie is here too" "you other best friend?" "Well now my only best friend" I say. "Am I not your best friend?" Martinus pretend to be hurt and I laugh. "Yes my only boy best friend" I say. "Well come in" I move and they come in. We go up to my room. "Hey" Martinus say and smile while sitting on my bed beside Ebonie. She instantly blushed. "Hey" they alredy started talking and Marcus and I looked at each other will smirking. "I'm going to get us some snacks Marcus come help me" I say and drag him out. "They seem to get along pretty fast" Marcus say. "Thats why I give them now some alone time... Hope they won't do anything in my room" I say and Marcus laugh. It's cute... I just start to get real feelings for him because he isn't just picture on my phone anymore... He is here and he is real. "Hey" uh seem like I was caught daydreaming. "Uh huh" "is everything okay" "yes everything is great" I say and we smiled to each other.

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