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SHE WATCHED THE BUILDINGS PASS BY IN A BLUR. The icy coldness of the window chilled her skin, seeping into her skull and numbing her thoughts until the only thing she could comprehend was the music pumping through her headphones.

Some would say that sitting alone in the far back of the bus gave off the impression that she wanted to be alone, which was somewhat true, and that it would be a waste of time to try and keep her company. However, that wasn't the case.

She simply didn't care enough to seek out the company of others.

She didn't care much about anything anymore.

And if someone were to ask her why, she would stare at them with those dull green eyes and respond, "I've learned not to fight back against life's choices." A statement that was evident in her actions, as she always seemed to go with the easiest route. "I go with the flow," she often said. If said flow was to sit by herself on the school bus, then so be it.

At this very moment, on the first of December, during a class trip to the cinema, the flow decided that it was best to wonder why her classmates were standing up, and to remove her headphones.

Immediately, a cacophony of shouts and upset voices met her ears. She blinked once, twice, and noticed the panicked expression on the faces of every single one of them. Even the boy that didn't have a face, due to his Quirk, seemed to bear a look of worry.

The bus driver, having pulled over, stood at a window next to her teacher. "My lord!" he exclaimed, eyes wide. "I think they're going to jump!"

Her curiosity piqued, something that was rare these days, she pulled down her window and poked her head out, craning her neck to see what they were talking about.

Sure enough, there was a person standing on top of a tall building nearby. The figure swayed with the wind, tipping forward so slowly ...

And then they fell.

It was at this moment, in the back of the bus, loud music still bleeding out of the headphones around her neck, that the flow decided it was best to save this person.

And that's what she did.

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