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This was requested by hufflepuffturtle . I'm so glad that I got to write this! It's a fun modern AU.
Warning: F L U F F overload

You sighed. I'm so bored. You plopped down on your bed and laid face up. You swooped up your phone to check the time. 9:05 am. You huffed, turned your phone off and set it on the table. When will Legolas get out of the bathroom. You frowned. You wished that your husband would just stay home, but he had a business meeting at 10:30. You both were early risers when you wanted to be, but you were both tired.

The door to the bathroom opened and Legolas strolled out.

"Hey, have you seen a comb?" You smiled lightly. He was wearing a casual dark hoodie and dark navy sweatpants. His slightly tousled hair threatened to fall over his pale, sweet face. I can't believe that we've been married for 7 months now. My feelings for him are just as strong as they were a year ago. Nothing has changed, and I love it. Your smile grew. You were in a giddy mood.

"Here," you opened a drawer and grabbed two combs, one for him and one for you.

As Legolas walked towards the mirror in your bedroom, he smirked, "What's the smile for?"

You walked next to him, looked at him, and then back at his reflection, "You, Legolas." Legolas' face started to visibly flush red.

He looked at his feet and then shyly smiled, "Oh, stop it, Y/N." You grinned. You weren't bored anymore.

After winking at him, you gave him a quick peck on the cheek, "Only when you stop being so adorable." At this point, Legolas' mouth was slightly agape, and his face was a deep red. Before he could say anything, his phone started to ring on the other side of the room. He practically sprinted towards the phone.

Legolas grumbled, "Ugh it's my boss, Mr. Oakenshield."

Legolas worked at a jewelry store that was owned by both Mr. Oakenshield and your father-in-law, Thranduil. They both had quite the liking for jewelry. Although he loved his job, Legolas was always exhausted after working, for it was a busy store. And Mr. Oakenshield was known for his temper...

You groaned, "Oh, can't it wait? We haven't even eaten breakfast yet! That old beardy is always calling-"

Legolas quickly hushed you by placing a finger on your lips, "Shh, Y/N, it may be important. You know that we're on a budget, and we can't afford any issues." In response, you rolled your eyes and placed a quick kiss on his finger. Rapidly, Legolas answered the call and shoved his hand in the pocket of his hoodie. You could tell that he was desperately trying not to blush.

"H-Hello?" he anxiously answered the phone. There was some angry yelling on the other line. Legolas pulled the phone a small distance away from his ear. As he talked, he anxiously paced around. "Yes, Mr. Oakenshield, I'll be on time this time. Yes I understand that the meeting is important." You could tell by the look on your husband's face that his gentle words were only met with more loud complaints. Legolas sat on the bed and continued in vain to try to sweet-talk his boss.

You  sighed. I feel so bad for him. I wish that there was something that I could do to help him... Suddenly, you formed a sly grin.

You plopped on the bed and rested your head on his leg. Legolas gave you a look and mouthed the words "What are you doing?" You smirked and played with a few loose strands of Legolas' long, silky hair. Legolas desperately tried to hide his growing smile with a frown.

"Stop it, Y/N!" Legolas almost hissed  the words out. You practically choked back a laugh.

From the other end of the phone, you heard a faint, gruff voice, "What did you just say?"

"-Nothing, nothing, sir." Mr. Oakenshield continued to yell over the phone. Legolas shot you an annoyed glance. You mocked him and stuck your tongue out. His composure faltered, and he got up and walked to the other side of the room. By the way that he bit his lip, you could tell that he was refraining from laughter.

"-Yes, sir. Understood, sir. Here, let me put you on speaker while I get ready." Legolas put his phone on speaker and sent you a death glare that screamed "be quiet."

"Alright," the angry boss huffed, "I'll do the same. You know, I'm a busy man, Legolas. I may have to make the meeting earlier at 10:00." Legolas frantically glanced at the clock. It was 9:30. He looked overwhelmed. Mr. Oakenshield continued to brag about himself (as always) along with rambling on about the business. You could hear him mutter something to someone else in the background. The voice almost sounded like Thranduil's.

Legolas then went to the mirror and started combing his hair. Just when it seemed perfect, you shook your hands through his blonde locks. That got him.

"Y/N!" Legolas seethed. He was always particular about his hair. You quickly kissed Legolas' forehead. He quickly (and almost obnoxiously) sucked in a breath. You snickered and leaned your head against his chest. His breathing was rapid. You smirked. Somehow, you were always able to have an effect on him.

"-What is going on?!" A different voice butted in. You tried to hold in your laughter to the point where it almost burned your lungs. It was Thranduil. Legolas' face was completely red- even his ears started to flush. While almost wheezing from laughter, you buried the back of your head into Legolas' chest, looked up at him, and winked. Legolas gazed back into your teasing eyes and gulped. His once-steady heartbeat was now racing. A few beads of sweat started to form above his brow.

Legolas heavily stuttered, "I-uh-nothing!"

"Are you sure?! Because I thought that I heard something... Legolas? Hello?!"

Legolas held your gaze. Although, at first, there was fiery anger in his eyes, it was soon quenched by affection. You laughed under your breath and stroked your thumb across his brow. Legolas gulped as he glanced from you to his phone. He started to say something, but you silenced him with a short yet sharp kiss.

Thranduil's tone became increasingly severe, "Legolas?! Son what is going on?"

"D-dad I can explain, I-" Legolas gasped as you started peppering his cheek with tiny, brief kisses. You accidentally let out a rather loud giggle.

"I think that we should let Mr.Greenleaf come in later, Thranduil. He seems... preoccupied." You could hear the smirk in Mr. Oakshield's voice.

Thranduil incredulously yelled, "What?! What do you mean-"

Mr. Oakenshield swiftly talked over him, "Goodbye Mr. and Mrs. Greenleaf!" After he hung up, you erupted in a bought of laughter at the words "Mr. and Mrs. Greenleaf." Legolas tried to glare at you, but his lip twitched in amusement. He shortly laughed afterwards, for your laugh was contagious.

"Y/N, you drive me crazy."

You gave a sassy smile, "Well, I think that everyone knows that by now."


I had wayyyy too much fun with this one. I loved it so much. I hope that you guys liked it to. Please vote and comment! Also, thanks for so many reads & votes!

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