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"Now we have a full Troupe, It's time to announce one of the most important announcements of the year!" Sais Emily with excitement

"What is it?" Asks Kingston

"We need to decide on who's going to be our Dance Captain!" Exclaims Emily

"Wow!" Sais Henry

Henry's TH: (Hip Hop Dancer)

I really want to be dance captain this year, I saw what Noah got to do last year and I really want to follow on in his footsteps!

Jacquie's TH: (Contemporary Dancer)

Right now I don't care who's going to be Dance Captain because Noah was the best and nobody's ever going to be as good as him!

"So if you want to be Dance Captain this year, put your name on this list and we'll all then vote on it and the person with the most votes will be the Dance Captain!"

Piper, Richelle, Jack and Henry all put there name on the list

"Anyone else? Jacquie, Kenzie?"

"I definitely don't want it!" Says Jacquie 

"Me neither!" Sais Kenzie

"Ok... then... start stretching everybody so we can make a start on the choreography, the vote will be held later today"

30 minutes later:

Emily put's the song on "Mountains"

"Mountains will be our song for our Nationals routine"

Jacquie begins to cry after she hears the song as it brings back memories of when she and Noah had their last duet together after he decided to go.

"I'm sorry... I just can't...!" she Shouts whilst crying and runs to Studio 1

"Jacquie! Wait!" Shouts Henry and he runs after her

Henry's TH: (Jacquie's Ex Boyfriend)

I come in and find Jacquie in the middle of Studio 1 crying her eyes out! I don't know what she is crying about but I know she really needs a friend at the moment so I'm going to be there for her, so I sit next to her and put my arm around her!

"Jacquie, what is it!? What's wrong!?" he asks, worried for his friend

Jacquie's TH: (Henry's & Noah's Ex)

I can't tell him what's wrong, It's too complicated

Emily's TH: (Studio Head)

I cannot believe this is happening! I have NO idea what's wrong with Jacquie but I need to find out!

Back at Studio A:

"Omg! What's the matter with Jacquie!?" Asks Kenzie

"I have NO idea" Sais Richelle

"Alright everybody, take 10!" Shouts Emily

Summer's TH: (Henry's girlfriend)

I wonder why Henry ran after Jacquie, I know they're good friends but I still wanna know why. I mean they have history but I'm his girlfriend!

I run into Studio 1 and see Henry hugging Jacquie who is still crying her eyes out

"Jacquie! Jacquie! What's the matter!" I ask calmly and softly, I hug her gently and I hand her a tissue to wipe away her tears

Back at Studio A:

Jack's TH: (Contemporary Dancer)

Now Emily's gone to deal with that Jacquie girl, I can start my plan but first I need to gain everyone's trust!

"Um guys, Isn't the Dance Captain vote supposed to be now?" I ask

"We have more important things to worry about now!" Richelle says

"Like what?" I ask with some attitude

"Oh, I don't know? Maybe that one of our dancers has run off in tears and that we can't rehearse a 10 person dance with only 9 people!" Richelle shouts angrily

"Oh, I'm really sorry that I forgot, I was to busy thinking about the dance!" I say with a fake smile

Richelle's TH: (Contemporary Dancer)

I really don't get this guy... like at all!

Back at Studio 1:

Emily's TH: (Studio Head)

I really need to know what's going on so I can help!

"C'mon Jacquie, please just tell me!" I beg

Jacquie's TH: (Contemporary Dancer)

I really don't want to tell Emily because she'll probably just tell me off for mixing dance with personal and I really cannot deal with a lecture right now, but I don't think she'll go until I tell her!

"Well... at Regionals... on the last day... me and Noah broke up and... um... I really miss him... and we danced to the song Mountains" I say

Noah's Th (Former Dancer & Dance Captain)

I came back to TNS because I still really care about the studio, but I'm really surprised to see Jacquie there...

"Jacquie!" I say

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