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Vanessa begins dancing to the song "When the War is Over" and she does a variety of dance styles.

Vanessa's TH: (Contemporary Dancer)

I'm SO nervous right now! I want to make A-Troupe so badly...

"Wow! Thank you Vanessa" Sais Emily, "Yeah, that was incredible!" Sais Richelle

"Ok! Jack you're up now" Sais Emily

Jack begins to dance to the song "Can't stop the Fire" and does loads of tumbling passes and does a variety of dance moves.

Jack's TH: (Contemporary Dancer)

To be honest, I'm not at all nervous about making A-Troupe because I know I will!

2 hours later:

"Ok! Thank you everybody for coming today, me and Richelle will talk you all over in my Office, and then we'll be right back!" Said Emily

Richelle and Emily walk into Emily's Office

Emily's TH: (Studio Head)

All the dancers today were amazing, I honestly don't know how we can only pick one!

Richelle's TH: (Acro Dancer)

Me and Emily have a very tough decision to make!

Meanwhile in the Juice Bar:

"I wonder who Emily and Richelle are going to pick for Noah's replacement!" Sais Henry

"Yeah!" Replies Summer

"Noah's unreplaceable! He's the best dancer TNS has ever seen." Sais Jacquie loudly with a slight edge in her voice

Jacquie TH: (Henry's & Noah's Ex)

Noah is the best dancer and he was one of the best boyfriends I've ever had! 

Back at Studio A:

"Ok, that's are decision! Let's go tell the dancers!" Sais Emily

"Ok!" Sais Richelle

Emily and Richelle walk out of the Office and into the middle of Studio A

"Ok, so the dancer we picked was Jack!"

Jack smirks to himself and walks over to Emily and Richelle

"Thank you SO much for this opportunity, I am ready to work the hardest I've ever worked!"

Jack's TH: (Contemporary Dancer)

I made A-Troupe, no surprise there! I was the best at the Audition so honestly I'm not at all shocked!

"Richelle, can you please get the rest of A-Troupe so we can show them are Tenth member of the team?" Said Emily

"Sure!" Replies Richelle

Richelle walks to the juice bar to tell A-Troupe the news

"C'mon guys! We've got the tenth member of our Troupe!" Exclaims Richelle

"YAY! We're ready for Nationals!" Shouts Ozzy

"Are you serious right now?" Sais Jacquie

The Troupe comes back to Studio A

"Ok Jack, tell us all a bit about yourself so we can get to know you!"

"Um... ok, my names Jack and I started dancing when I was two and I've won many awards for my dancing!"

Jack's TH: (Contemporary Dancer)

They're so stupid, they don't even realise the REAL reason I'm here, to make sure they don't go to Nationals!

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