Gang- SidePack Oneshot

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Also this has a little bit of Vikklannnnnnnnnnnn

Jerome's P.O.V.

"But I wanna go with you!" Vikk whined, pouting. I felt really bad for him, he wasn't allowed to go anywhere because it was too 'unsafe' for him but it was for his own good. He could get hurt, and that was last thing any of us wanted.

"You can't Vikk, you know you can't." Simon said, patting Vikk's shoulder gently. Vikk glared at him and tore his hand away, stalking off upstairs to sulk by himself.

He would be on his own for a while, all 11 of us were heading out to work and I didn't doubt that we'd be out for at least a few days, maybe even closer to a week depending on how long the job took. It wasn't pleasant work but it paid well and there was no risk of us being caught as long as we were sensible, we were well protected from the police and such with bribes and deals. Our boss took care of that.

We had no idea who our boss was, we only ever heard a digitally altered voice over a call or messages directly from his henchmen to carry out certain jobs, and I understood why he was protecting his identity, or her identity actually. They were running one of the biggest gangs in Europe, so they had to keep themselves hidden.

"Is Vikk sulking again?" JJ asked from us the stairs.

"Yeah, he's pissed he can't go out." I called back, waiting for some of the others to come downstairs.

Lachlan and Rob were the last ones down, still half asleep because they had literally just arrived back in England after a job in America and they weren't allowed a break. This next job was a big one which required all of us, so they would take a break afterwards. Harry and Josh were late too, they had been having showers.

"You ready to go?" Ethan spoke up, kicking a stone on the ground.

There was a general census of yes, so we headed out the front door into our cars and set off.

Just as the car I was in pulled out of the driveway I saw Vikk sitting at his window forlornly, his hands folded into his lap. I felt bad for him but it was because of our association with the gang that he couldn't go anywhere, he was constantly at risk because of us so he couldn't leave.

He disappeared behind the curtain and I sighed, knowing that one day he would get sick of it. I hated to think of what that day would look like.

Vikk's P.O.V.

Oh how they were going to regret the way they hid me away one day. They didn't know how much I did know, I wasn't the little one of the group, I wasn't the baby of the group and I certainly wasn't the little innocent boy they thought I was.

I hated just thinking about it because they tried to hide me away from the world for my own safety but what they didn't know was that I controlled it all. I was their boss, I controlled the gang, I sent them on the huge mission today so I could have some time to myself.

I waited half an hour to make sure they were completely gone before preparing everything I needed, pulling on completely black clothing, a black beanie, a pair of sunglasses, and then a bandana over my face. I slipped a knife into my sock and pushed a gun into my belt. You could never be too prepared.

One of my henchmen picked me up, there were no cars left after all, and drove me to our rendezvous, where the other boys were already waiting for their briefing. I could tell they were all nervous, they were meeting their boss of course, and Lachlan and Tobi were both shifting from foot to foot, JJ was rubbing his hands together, Ethan was bouncing on his toes, just a few of the nervous habits they had.

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