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Annetwist, louist91, harrystyles and 738,289 others liked this post


@niahoran: louis has been on and off all day because of the het Harry's calling him untalented and a rat we all hate it. Hes better than all of us what do you have to say directioners?

@DirectionOne: let's kill em

@kevinthedirectioner: die hets die

@narryhyles: they are too pathetic for this bitch

@larrryyy: never heard anything more pathetic I mean are they blind and deaf

@harrystyles: louis didnt want us to over exaggerate over it niall

@hayloristrue: louis is a rat it their relationship is a PR

@larrylarrylarry: fuck off

@larrylarrylarry blocked @hayloristrue
@niallhoran blocked @halyoristrue
@harrystyles blocked @hayloristrue
@zayn blocked @hayloristrue
@louist91 blocked @hayloristrue
@liampayne blocked @hayloristrue

@Limmabean: LETS GET EMM

@niallhoran: @harrystyles you literally just wrote a post about it

@lourry: where are they

@1d4lofe: hets: louis is a rat
                   Me: I will find you and I will kill you

@harrystyles: that's different I saw what he was like last night with just us two you see it when hes holing it back

@ihatehets: I had to change my name from larrysreal to this

@niallhoran: @harrystyles hes not been doing a very good job at it

@louist28: TF is worng with hets @louist91 you do NOT look like a rat and are talented

@lazza: I hate that louis is being hated but this photo is so so cute

@louist91: can you lot please just leave it. I told you not to do anything cause there is nothing you can do. @harrytsyles I love you for trying to stop it and @niallhoran thank you both for trying but it's not ganna change anything

@louhaz: I'll change it where are the hets I only wanna talk


Side note: dont read if you dont want to

This is all I'm talking about for a while becaus eit is pissing  me off that the het Harry's are attacking louis for no fucking reason. They need to stop. If you know a het harry that trash talks louis smack that for me and for louis and for everyone!

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