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Louist91, thebetterstyles, fizzfizztommo and 738,928 others liked this post

@harrystyles: I know @louist91 you told me not to say anything about it but I have to stop it some way. Can people please stop calling my handsome, amazing, sexy, adorable, cute, gorgeous louis a rat. He has no resemblance of a rat at all. He does not look or sound like a rat and hates being called a rat. He Is self conscious enough and does not need people making it worse. What makes it worse is that its MY "fans" calling him it. Like I said before we are a package deal. Deal with he fact that I'm with him and not with you deal with he fact that he will always be better than you in every single possible way and start Treating People With Kindness. Another thing that is pushing me and Lou and everyone off is that you keep saying hes not talented. Ask anyone he is the most talented on out of all of us. Yes payno yes niall yes zayn even me he is more talented and can beat us in any sing off. He struggles with self image he struggles with the sound of his voice can you "fans" please please stop harassing him. I would hate to see him the way he was last night again. Treat People With Kindness how many times do is have to tell you. If I have to change the saying to Treat Lou (Louis) With Kindness I will! Deal with he fact that he is better than you. Deal with he fact that hes with me and you are not. Like I said hes handsome, smart(ish), brilliant, kind, sweet (creature), loving, sexy, amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, cute, adorable, funny, and way way better than any of you.

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