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 Richelle is in Studio A with Emily, she's there to help Emily audition dancers for the last spot on their team. All of the other dancers are in the Juice bar, talking and laughing together

Richelle's TH: (Acro Dancer)

I volunteered myself to help at the auditions because I want Emily to make me Dance Captain since Noah left!

"All auditionees listen up!" Said Emily, "There's only going to be a solo round, myself and Richelle will be choosing who makes the last spot on A-Troupe!"

Emily's TH: (Studio Head)

I'm looking for a dancer who can to a variety of dance styles! It's important that me and Richelle get this right because they need to be just as good as Noah was!

All of the auditionees stand up against the wall as Emily calls there names out, one by one.

"Alright first up is, Vanessa!"

Vanessa's TH: (Contemporary Dancer) 

I'm up first and all I know is that I have to bring my A game!

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