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heya! sorry for not updating.

due to it just passing christmas eve and christmas day itself, i haven't done an update, as well as not listening subliminals.

so..really, there isn't much of an update, but i'm planning on getting back on track since we don't really celebrate new years; we won't be having another party anytime soon.

anyways. since there's no update apart from my arse getting way bigger lmao; what did you guys get for christmas/what was your favorite present?

i have too many favorites!
but my top ones have to be:
- my dock martins.
- manga art book, (teaches me to draw anime shit wtf oml)
- ii dvds! both of them! (blue and red!!) omg i'm so happy, i cried. haven't watched it yet tho, i'll let you know what i think!
- i then got some of these pens, they seem so cool. they are like liner pens, but some of them are thiccer.

so yeah!
as i said, i'm going to be getting back on track. and i hope you all had an amazing christmas, and i hope in the new year, you'll all succeed in something small or big.

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