🥳Slumber Party🥳

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Your POV

After our (romantic) walk with Lincoln we called Clyde and Phoebe and told them that we're fine now. Then I got home and told everything to my brothers which cheered in excitement and hugged me. Then I did some (your favorite activity/hobby) to relax. But then my phone rang and it was Phoebe. I answered it

"Hey Phoebe! What's up?"

"Hey Y/N! So I'll throw a slumber party tomorrow at 5 o clock and of course I want you to come" she said

"You bet girl!" I said in excitement "So who's gonna be there?"

"Oh, I invited girl Jordan, Zach, Rusty, Liam,Paige, Stella ,Clyde and other classmates. Plus your Linky!!!" She said

"Shut up" I said as she was laughing

"Anyways I'll come of course! Can't wait! See ya tomorrow!" I said

"See ya" she said as I ended the call

I went down to ask my parents and of course they said yes

The next day

School is boring as always. I chatted (and flirted) with Lincoln in class and had a good time with Phoebe and Clyde

At 5 o clock I went to Phoebe's house

"Hey Phoebe"

"Hey Y/N! Come in!"

"So where are your parents?" I asked her as I came in

"Oh they left an hour ago. They won't be here the rest of the day. That's why I chose this day for the party." She explained

"Wait they know about the party?"

"Of course! They trust me"she said

After about 10 minutes the other classmates arrived

" Okay guys. So how about we first play truth or dare??"

"Why not?"
"This will be fun"
"Okay"said Clyde
"Alright"Said Lincoln
"I love the game" I said. I'm really good at this game

"First we need a bottle" Said Paige

Phoebe grabbed a bottle and put it on the ground

"Okay who goes first?" Said Phoebe

"Me"said Stella as she spinned the bottle. It landed on Rusty

"Rusty truth or dare?"

"Dare, I mean truth!"

"No changing" Said Stella

"Dang it"said Rusty

"I dare you to wear one of Phoebe's dresses, put on some makeup, go out and start screaming " I'm a cute little princess" while filming you" said Stella with a grin on her face as we all gasped

"No way!!!" Said Rusty

"Then you lose the game" Said Paige

"Come on men! Do you wanna be the biggest chicken in our class?" Said Zach

"Fine, I'll do it"

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