😈A really devilish plan😈

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Ronnie Anne's POV

I was thinking all day how to get the gossip freak off Lincoln. And finally I thought of a plan! The next day I woke up early and told my older brother ,Bobby, to get me to school earlier. Then, I stacked a note that I wrote on Y/N's locker and waited for her as I was hidden. She finally appeared with her dumb friend. I watched her as she opened her locker and read the note

Your POV

Me and Phoebe entered the school and got to our lockers. But as I opened mine , a note fell on the ground. It said : To Y/N, open immediately

"Oooo!!! Maybe it's from your one true love!!"teased Phoebe

"Oh shut up"I said as Phoebe was laughing and I was blushing

I opened the note and started to read

"Dear Y/N,I'm Lincoln!"

"Told ya" said Phoebe

Then, I continued

"I'm writing to tell you that I don't wanna be friends anymore! You're a gossip freak and you're only good at those mushy girly stuff. You're just so stupid that you didn't realize that I only became friends with you to become popular and get all the fame! Now I don't need you anymore! I hate you so much that I can't even explain. And just the thought of you makes me barf! So, goodbye for ever gossip and shipping freak!

Your no longer friend,
Lincoln Loud"

I couldn't believe it! I've read it a few more times to be sure I hadn't read it wrong! My crush just thinks I'm a gossip and shipping freak and just became friends with me to become popular.I felt my eyes in tears. I started crying and running to the bathroom. Phoebe followed me.

Lincoln's POV

Me and Clyde arrived at school but didn't find the girls anywhere.

"Maybe they haven't arrived yet" said Clyde

But then I saw Y/N. I was going to greet her, but then noticed she was crying. She ran past me and got to the girls bathroom. I was really confused. What happened to her? I knew I must find out why my secret crush is sad. Then I saw Phoebe running to catch her.

"Phoebe what's going on? Why is Y/N crying?" I asked as I stopped her

"Oh I think you already now Mister I-only-become-friends-with-Y/N-to-be-popular" she said in anger as she left

"Wait what? What are you talking about?" I said confused but she didn't hear me

"Maybe you've done something wrong" said Clyde

"Well I really need to fix that. Clyde can you please talk to Phoebe so she can tell me what have I done wrong?"

"Of course Linc, I'll go ask her right now!"said Clyde as he left

He is a true friend! I hope Y/N is okay!After about 10 minutes Clyde came back with an upset face

"Have you talked to her?"

"I tried Lincoln but she doesn't want to talk to me ether"

"Its okay Clyde"

"No it's not. Why doesn't she talk to me????"

"Calm down Clyde. We will talk to them in class"

"Okay" said Clyde as the bell rang

Y/N ignored me in class. I send her notes but she doesn't respond. Same with Clyde and Phoebe. I MUST find out who did this because I'm really sure that I haven't done anything wrong.

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