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Part 2

I walk in to see Todd laying next to holly and then laughing and crying. I ran over and I punched Todd in the face

End of recap

David's pov

"DAVID" I hear holly scream in the background. "GET OFF OF HIM"

Every one comes in the room to me and Todd fighting.

Everyone gets me off of him. I was moved up and I just looked at holly. Tears in her eyes. She was crying and helping Todd up. I sit outside. Alone
I hear footsteps walking up behind me.

It was Holly

"What in the world is wrong with you David" she screams

"What's wrong with me ?, you were being with Todd and ignoring me this whole dang time I've been here."

"I wanted to make new friends which YOU told me to do"
She screams backs

"I didn't say to ignore me tho" I say lowering my voice.

"Why do you think that I can't hang out with anybody else and why I can't make any other guy friends, oh wait I can, it's just you who try's to stop that EVERY TIME." She says

"Holly if I didn't think you could hang out with other guys do you think I would of brought you here in the first place."
I say

"I don't know David." I'm going home now. Talk to you later."
She says

"Holly wait!!!!!"
Omg what have I done.

Holly's pov
I walk out the house hearing David scream my name. Wanting to get out. I was balling my eyes out wondering if I would ever see him again. From this view. I don't ever think I was going to.

——————————Holly's house—————————

I walk in side and check my makeup. It was all down my face.

I then check my phone

20 missed calls from 💕David🤤
14 text messages from 💕David🤤
12 voice messages from 💕David 🤤

I ignored it.

I go to my room and sit down. I was wanting to basically run away. I just went to sleep.

4 hours past.

I wake up to my phone ringing


I answer it

"What do you want" I say snapping at him

"Holly it will only take a minute to talk please just let me explain."


"Holly, I only did it to protect you. I love you in every way possible. I don't want you to be angry at me. I don't want thing that happened in Chicago happen to you again. Especially if it's my best friend doing it to you. You can't blame me for loving you. I only want what's best for you and if I'm not in that picture it's fine but as long as you happy. I'll be happy."

"David...your always gonna be in that picture. I love you too. If I were to know this I wouldn't have got so mad. I just should of chilled out. I love you. I'm sowwy."

Sorry it's kinda short but I'm just a little bored at this point. Hahaha.
Well I hope you liked it and if not let me know❤️

520 words❤️❤️

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