The Greater Magi

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A smile tugged at the corners of Kiyomei's mouth. Her heard pounded in her chest, a wave of excitement washed over her. This was her chance, the only way to destroy her enemy once and for all. It almost seemed unreal, imagery. Was she dreaming? Was this all a dream?

She almost wanted to pinch her own skin to wake herself up from this dream. Though her euphoria was disrupted by Gyokuen who continued to speak. "Kiyomei darling. Kouen and you both have great potential to take on the role of Emperor and Empress respectively. Kouen is still young and naïve which is why I suggest you become Empress."

"Empress huh?" Kiyomei whispered under her breathe, the idea of controlling the very kingdom that erased her home off the maps seemed almost, ethereal.

"Mother would you support me if I was to become Empress?" Kiyomei turned to look her mother in the eyes, determination burning in her eyes. Gyokuen smiled lovingly at Kiyomei, "anything for my daughter."

Weeks passed without interference of assassins or people trying to harm Kiyomei, until the week of coronation.

Strange poisonings have been occurring throughout the castle in which so far, three servants have died. It is unclear what had caused the poisoning whether it was airborne or not was completely unsure.

Kiyomei was confined to her room, she was not to leave under any circumstances which hindered her plans with Kai and the revolutionary group that was gaining numbers day by day. She was forced to send carrier pigeons with notes and instructions to inform the group of her progress. The notice that she was to be crowned Empress over the reigning Emperor who was put in place until a suitable Emperor or Empress would be found had the revolutionary group overjoyed upon the news.

The peasants had hope and it allowed for them to have peace for the first time in their lives in the walls of the authoritarian Kou Empire.

Kiyomei was bored. She have been confined to her room for nearly two weeks. The only time she's been able to leave her room has been to visit Gyouken or her other family members. She was barely allowed to open the doors for her guests to come in to say their congratulations to you. It was beyond infuriating for the young rising empress.

Finally, the day had come, Kiyomei was let out into the palace balcony with thousands of people in attendance. She was wearing her best dress, decked out with the finest gems and jewels. The dress was in a fine shade of dark maroon with gold accents. Her hair was parted and braided, pulling the two braids into a single long strand of hair. On the top of her head, was a crown with a fashionable silk veil in a crimson shade. Her arm had several golden bands that showed off royal elegance. Kiyomei Ren was the epitome of what a Kou princess should look like.

The people below was in awe, cheering and clapping wildly. It was a sight to behold, the secret Kou princess that everyone had been anticipating since Gyouken had publicly announced Kiyomei's existence and certainly, Kiyomei did not come to disappoint.

A wide smile grew on her face, seeing the subjects of her kingdom to come. She stood proudly with her brothers and sisters behind her.

Kiyomei waved her hand in the air and the thousands of people were silenced, watching the princess' movements carefully. She smirked, the power she behold was truly incredible.

"Dearest subjects; I, am Kiyomei Ren. General of the Kou Empire's military. Heiress to the throne and your future Empress." Kiyomei exclaimed, her voice echoing for all the people in the land to hear, the crowd loudly cheered with excitement.

Her confidence grew as the people cheered for her. "This truly, is an experience to behold. You, my people of this kingdom, have provided this empire much and I am truly grateful for that commitment and dedication. You have the blessing of your future empress." Cheers continue to erupt, shouts of gratitude and love.

Kiyomei waved her hand again, silencing the crowd. She jumped on top of the balcony railing, causing people to scream from horror, shouting for the princess to come down immediately. Kouen has leapt forward just in case even. However, Kiyomei had something to declare.

"But most importantly, I stand here today to state my claim to the throne and this empire. I am the blessed child of Solomon, gifted with the blessing of magoi and I will be the next to strike down God and all beings that dare challenge my authority in this land. With the power of my two Djinns, this kingdom that is soon mine and my dearest subjects, I will take down anyone and anything."

The crowd whispered amongst each other, slightly confused whispers to the talks of Kiyomei being utterly insane. Though this was going to deter her speech or her goals. Kouen stopped in his steps, watching as his sister shout of madness and declaration. He was mesmerized by the way Kiyomei spoke, her words of grace and promise, she was oozing charisma and confidence, fitting for someone who was going to be the leader of the Kou Empire.

Kiyomei lifted her arms up, smiling brightly in glee.

"I shall become greatest leader the Kou Empire has ever seen, the greatest General, and the
greatest mage ever to live!"

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