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Rebecca's pov

Day 1

I don't think I can do this.

So, this was my first day in this castle like mansion and guess what? I'm fed up, hungry, sad, tired and mostly- bored!!!

   I woke up to an empty bed space, I guess Emeliano had left for work very early, now here I am, all alone and fudging hungry.

It's not like I missed that bastard- for all I know, I wished him death- yes, you heard me! Death, that man is too ruthless to live in this world.

  I knew there was no fighting this, I knew I would never escape from Emeliano so easily, that was why I had my bath in his heaven like bathtub and changed into clean clothes.

Oh screw this!

I opened the door and stepped out of Emeliano's room, I was invited with the strong sweet aroma of Sushi, my favorite Japanese dish! Coupled with two men with fitted black suit, gracing me with their strong glares.

"Relax- I'm just hungry, I want to eat- in the kitchen- or dining table- whatever." I muttered out.

Their glares softened a little as they allowed me through.

I gave them strange looks, making my way to God knows where, all I did was follow the strong sweet aroma and finally, I was met with the most lovely sight... The kitchen was huge, well furnished and beautiful, maids were almost everywhere, preparing this and making that.

  My eyes scanned the kitchen for Greta, the woman who helped me unpack-


I turned immediately and a smile met with my face, "Greta." I said.

"I was just about to call you down for breakfast... And here you are." She smiled too.

"I hate to admit it but- I'm really hungry and need food like A.S.A.P." I said, meaning every single word that fell from my lips.

"Come on- your food is set already. Sir Emeliano told me to make sure you had enough, since you refused to eat last night." Greta said.

When we reached the dining table, my eyes popped out, the food on the table graced my sight... I was literally drooling, the table was set perfectly and it increased my appetite, immediately, I slipped into the nearest chair and scooped different kind of dishes into my plate- but trust me, the Sushi was more visible.

"God, you have no idea how- wait, did Emeliano really tell you that?" I asked, my mind suddenly going back to what she said earlier.

"Yes." She smiled.

So, he wasn't that bad... Good to know, maybe I should remove the death part from the- list -of -things- I -want- to- befall- Emeliano.

Without further ado, I dug into the delicious delicacy Infront of me.

I know this is cheap of me, considering the fact that I was so determined earlier, I was ready to stay hungry until I get my freedom, but come on- can you do that?

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