She felt so good, Ana's walls clung onto to me with a vice grip as if she wanted to kill me.

Hooking her legs further onto my hips I placed her arms around my neck. To gain leverage, I pressed her harder into the door and grabbed a hold of her hips.

I didn't ease into it, I began ruthlessly fucking her as my hand covered her mouth to muffle her whimpers. I hope she understood that I needed this. And we could go back to sweet nothings after.

I didn't care that the door rattled and that anyone coming up the stairs would know what was happening. I was letting go of months of pent up sexual frustration.

"You're fucking killing me. You have to know that" I panted in her ear, I was so close but I'd let her go first.

Ana liked this more than she wanted to admit. My inner thighs and everywhere in the vicinity was moist because of her.

"You deserve it" she tried to speak between thrusts.

"Touch yourself " I demanded "I need to feel you come".

She reached between us and soon I could feel her tense around me. Ana bit into my shoulder as she came, the sweet flutters of her pussy almost tiping me over the edge.

But before I could, she came again this time harder than the last. I didn't need anything else because I came, cursing as I did.

Nothing was comparbale to ending a good fuck by coming in someone.

My legs felt like jelly and I had let her down in fear of dropping her. Immediatley guilt came rushing in. I wondered if I had been too rough, too demanding. Or if I had crossed a boundary all together.

Ana looked disheveled as if she had been thoroughly fucked.

"I'm sorry" I apologized, reaching out to steady her.

"It's okay Harry" she sheepishly laughed removing the last of her clothing. Using her leggings to clean herself before throwing them in the hamper.

"I won't leave tonight" I finally added standing there with my pants around my ankles looking like a dumbass.

Ana rolled her eyes with a slight giggle "Would it be appropriate if you stayed?"

Nothing about this was appropriate but it didn't matter. The word wasn't in mine or Ana's vocabulary when it came to our relationship.

I decided to unbutton my shirt and slip off my pants. Untangling my underwear from my pants I kept them on. I settled under the covers waiting for her to come back.

"I think it would be worse if I left" I grumbled crossing my arms over my chest as I laid on my back.

For some reason it felt wrong having rough sex with Ana even if she did like it.

She finally came back, laying down beside me in the dark. I felt at ease beside her and knew everything would be okay. At least for now.

"Did you like it or..." I felt weird bringing it up again.

Ana shuffled beside me before turning her body in my direction altogether.

"I really did Harry. I like you in general so anything you do turns me to mush" her eyes brightened and her hand found it's way on to my chest.

I grabbed her soft hand in my own leaving it on my chest. "I think I like you too".

It felt as if I was baring my soul to her. I didn't just like her I really liked her. But we weren't in a place where I could say so without a flood gate of other emotions coming through.

"How are you feeling? I mean with everything, you being sick and Tom being coward" I finally had the courage to say.

I knew it would make her uncomfortable and she wanted to pretend that it didn't matter. But it did and I cared and worried about her.

"I have an eating disorder, I'm not dying. And the thing with Tom was inevitable, I'm just not sure how to deal with it yet" she brought the covers up to her chin like a small child trying to hide from the world.

"Regardless I think your beautiful and it breaks my heart to think you would ever think differently".

I wondered if it was partially my fault. If she had seen the girls that I surrounded myself with. It was superficial and society made weight such a big deal that it ruined people's lives.

What ever happened to working out and eating healthy and seeing where it got you?

I know it wasn't that easy and that it was a mental disorder. But I couldn't help but think the environment had something to do with it at all.

"I'd be lying if I said you didn't tip me over the edge. But at the same time it was my own fault. I should've gotten control over it. After you left I felt as if I was nothing, I missed you. Harry, you left a hole in my heart" Ana's voice shook.

I wanted to say something but there wasn't anything I could say. Because I was wrong and I should've stayed until I knew she was okay. I proposed an affair with no ties and then left after the deed was done.

Being selfless was hard. She didn't think it now but it was the best for everyone.

"I'm sorry" I hushed bringing her to my chest once again. Holding her close instead, I didn't know where to go from here.

"It's not your fault. As for me and Tom maybe it's for the best. I'm too young and stupid to be married. But it breaks my heart too lose him" she mumbled against my bare chest.

The thought of them breaking up made me anxious. I wanted a time machine to go back and change everything I had done. I didn't regret my time with Ana. But the way I had gone about it.

Tom couldn't find out about me and Ana. And Ana couldn't figure out about my original plan.

I don't know if this was good it went in a totally different direction than it was supposed. HAPPY NEW YEARS!

©2017, thirteen13blue

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