We sat down and Ana took the seat beside me. I could smell her, the sweetness of her shampoo and the musky scent of her perfume.

There was a memory of that too, of me burying my face in her hair while she slept beside me.

The family talked about Christmas and whether or not I was going to stay. We talked about numerous other things until we grew tired and full.

I couldn't stay much longer, I had been gone for almost two days. Erica knew I was visiting a friend and would be home later tonight but it felt weird leaving her with my parents for so long.

"Thank you for coming Harry it was such a pleasure" Ana's mom mewed.

"Thank you very much for having me. The food was wonderful. I'm afraid I'll need to excuse myself and say goodbye" I added while getting up from my seat with the rest of them.

We said our goodbyes and everyone filtered back out to the formal living room. It left me and Ana alone in the hallway.

"Your jackets in my room" she reminded me, it remained on the chair in the corner from that morning. My back still screamed from that horrible sleep.

"Right" I nodded and followed her to her room. We went up the stairs, Ana leading me. The sway of her hips taunting me.

The thought of taking her from behind on the stairs entered my mind briefly but I remembered why I was here. Friendship.

Her room was dark inside and Ana didn't bother to flick on the light. She was quick to retrieve the jacket and I wish she hadn't been. I wanted her to waste more time, give me more of a reason to say or do something stupid.

Ana handed me the jacket and I lowly grabbed it.

"Thank you for everything Harry" she husked in the dark.

"Thank you for giving me the chance. You didn't have to but you did" I wanted to reach out and grab her. But I couldn't, it didn't feel right.

Instead she grabbed me and brought me in for a hug. I was grateful and it felt so good to be in her arms. Mine wrapped around her, bringing her body close to mine.

The hug lasted for too long and my mind began to wander. She backed away to say something, probably something smart to change my mind. But before she could I kissed her.

I kissed her so hard my lips hurt. It didn't take me long to press my tounge into her mouth. To my surprise she accepted, deepening the kiss.

That was all I needed to know she would let me have her. Grabbing her thighs I hoisted her on to my waist having her legs wrap around me. I walked until her back hit the door and I reached down to lock it.

My fingers hooked into her flimsy leggings and I pulled them down far enough for her to be exposed. With one arm I kept her against the door and the other fumbled with my jeans and belt.

Ana kissed my neck as her hands were knotted in my hair. My cock sprung free and I sighed in relief to feel the cold air hit it.

"I have wanted to fuck you since I saw you in the shower this morning" I growled, I was so hard I could've broken a piece of wood over myself.

Ana was incredibly wet when my fingers finally went to touch her. I wanted to taste her but not now. It stroked my ego to know she wanted me so badly. Genuinely and not fueled by lust or substance.

She wanted me for me.

"Please Harry" she whimpered, nothing had yet happened but the electricity between us was so strong.

I didn't need to be asked again. I lined myself up to her enterance and pushed until I was balls deep. I had to still myself because I almost came right there.

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