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Rule Number Forty-One: Don't show too much of your heart.

"How's your brother doing?" Ana's mom asked. Her long hair in loose waves making her look not a year over thirty. She looked just like Ana but more angular.

She was gorgeous and although I loved an older woman she was married. And she was also Ana's mom. I was being a good person and now a good friend too. Having sex with Ana's mom didn't make it into that equation.

"He's okay" I sheepishly answered, unsure if the question was rhetorical. Of course he wasn't doing well or okay. He just decided to separate from his wife.

"Well it's good you came back to see him and Ana too. She could use all the friends she can get right now" she smiled.

Me and Ana hadn't spoken about her eating disorder. But I'm sure we would, it was the elephant in the room.

I agreed to stay for supper once Ana's parents announced their arrival. It was the least I could do. That's what friends did after all.

I felt sort of bad about the shower thing. It was by impulse and it was a miracle that she didn't knock me out.

Ana didn't want to touch me and it was probably the same reason I didn't want to touch her. Because I wasn't sure if I could stop, especially now after seeing her nude and sinfully wet.

She was still fit and by no means fat but now she was filled out where she was supposed to be. Ana looked healthy and I could only imagine what it would feel like to sink my finger tips into the soft flesh of her hips.

That's all it would be now, my memories of her. And torturing myself with them, I could get over her it would just take time.

Ana went to grab her phone on the coffee table. Bending over in leggings that I wish she hadn't worn before sitting beside me. Her father watched from across the room on a sofa.

And as soon as I caught myself looking I quickly brought my eyes away. Leggings were tight but not revealing. When you hadn't had sex for as long as I had and were as painfully horny as I was, it wasn't hard to fill in the blanks.

Seeing her bent over with nothing on would send me into cardiac arrest. I didn't know what was wrong with me.

"Want some scotch son?" Ana's dad asked as he got up from the couch to pour some for himself.

"That would be great" I was relieved that something was offered to take the edge off. Paranoia made me think he knew I was rock hard because of his daughter.

"I thought you stopped drinking?" Ana asked beside me on the couch. Her hand resting on my thigh in a concerned gesture.

I wasn't sure if I should slap it off like a hot coal or relish in it. I decided to leave it be because I didn't want to look more uncomfortable than I already was.

Ana's dad gave me the glass of liquor and I downed it before anyone looked.

"One drink won't hurt baby" I mumbled.

"So your a model now, your mother said you lived in Chicago. How do you like it?" Ana's mom spoke her eyes lighting up from theories of gossip.

"Not a model no. Just something that I do on the side. Chicago's great- can't say I miss New York though".

The only thing I missed was Ana. The only reason I had been everywhere was because I knew the photographer. It caught on from there, and I had an agent, but no one was knocking down my door.

"Either way, its great you found some thing Harry" her father piped up. His type always annoyed me. The super rich out of touch with reality type.

I nodded in approval and soon the house keeper came to let us know supper was ready.

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