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(Kaminari's pov)


Me and Sero have been dating for almost 2 years now. Everyday he comes to me and apologizes for the pain he once caused, but I insist its okay.

He loves me and I know he does, I love him too.

I've noticed small changes in him in the past month, he seems to be less talkative and affectionate.

That, for him, in this relationship, is odd.

We're still in school, it's our 3rd year in UA. Everyday after classes, he stays at my dorm or I stay at his for an hour at most.

I love him, I really do.

Besides the fact that it's been 2 years, i still don't know how to feel about my almost fatal crush came to be my boyfriend.

His presence is nice and comforting, but lately its been feeling empty as if i was alone again.

I've been sleeping less, I'm worried that I may be the one losing interest, or maybe it's him.

Is our relationship already coming to an end?

No, that can't be. If he didn't want to be with me anymore he would've told me, he's the most truthful person I've met.

I miss feeling the warmth of his hugs on afternoons after stressful days of class.

I've spoken to Mina about how he's been acting distant, she brushed it off since she has her own girlfriend to take care of.

I tried talking to Kirishima, Bakugou too even.

Those two have each other and don't know how to help in my situation.

My last resort was some of my classmates that weren't people i talk to often.


Ochako Uraraka.

That girl is a treat, she knows almost everything about relationships besides her past ones not being the best for her.

Im greatful for her, she has been a huge help for me in the past and now in the present.

She really understands pain and is amazing at comforting people when they are at their worst.

Really makes you wonder how she isn't in a relationship, she's a catch.

Her advice has helped, she spoke about the possibilities of him cheating and i don't want to think about that.

"I know you don't want to think of it as a possibility, but its always something that can happen and probably will happen someday to us all."

Wise words from a smart young woman who knows how to get by.

"I didn't think that Izuku would leave me for someone, I never thought of it being a possibility, but it happened against what I thought."

She has been hurt which shows how her advice can really help because you know she's experienced the pain she wants you to avoid.

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