Chapter 20: Basketball [/]

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"Are you sure you can win?" Yashua challenged, cracking his knuckles

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"Are you sure you can win?" Yashua challenged, cracking his knuckles.

"Definitely," Rayna stated, crossing her arms. "Just prepare yourself. Because you're about to lose."

"What's going on here?" Joel asked as Sylvia dragged him there.

Christopher shrugged while Anaeya just shook her head. Yashua and Rayna had been competing with each other ever since Yashua accidentally pushed her off at rock climbing.

Of course, there was payback. She pulled him down moments before he could even break his record at the miniature American Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

Funnily, Richard thanked her for it.

Yashua, however, wasn't pleased.

Then, the two fought. And Rayna made it a point to beat him in a game of his choosing. Basketball.

And Erick.

Well, he didn't have much of a choice.

"Oh! Its a competition!" Sylvia squealed,
joining Rayna's team. "I want to play."

Joel stared at both teams in confusion before joining Yashua's team. Richard clapped him in the back which he returned with a nod. He muttered softly, "I have a bad feeling about this."

"Erick," Yashua called out. He had a sinister smile on his face as he rolled up his sleeves to show off his muscles. "No llores. You have not one but two girls to take care of you."

"Stop bullying him." Rayna rolled her eyes. "At least he'll be well taken care of when he gets a bruise." Yashua huffed.

"Que es 'bruise'?" Erick asked.

It was a question no one actually answered as the boy glanced around in confusion. The poor boy probably wished for a translator. Or even a dictionary.

"I'm beginning to feel very sorry for Erick," Christopher commented.

"Its Joel I'm worried about," Anaeya cringed. "Erick will be thankful that he's with the girls."

Yashua stood face to face with Rayna. He was smirking but the girl was focused on the ball the referee held.

"3.. 2.. 1.. Go!" The whistle went off.

The ball was thrown into the air and Rayna shoved Yashua roughly to the side. Yashua groaned in pain as the girl easily overtook him. She used her other hand to hit the ball towards Erick.

Erick caught it and bounced the ball towards their goal. Richard appeared out of nowhere and he quickly passed the ball to Sylvia behind his back.

Sylvia caught the ball and stared at Anaeya in panic. Her friend gave her an encouraging smile.

She sighed and jumped, slamming the ball into the goal above with ease. Rayna hooted, giving her a side hug before returning to position.

"So you're not only great at surfing but you play basketball too?" Richard asked, giving her a high five.

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