Chapter seven

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Chapter Seven

Hi readers I am super sorry for taking extremely long to update but I promise that chapters will be posted sooner also, I hope that you all are enjoying Brody and Alex’s romance. The following chapters are going to be filled with excitement that’ll knock you off seats with the revelations of Brody!! So have fun with chapter 7 !!!

It had been almost two weeks since we had left the states and have been relaxing in Barbados but now it was time to return home. Brody of course was rather hesitant on returning saying something about losing me or whatever, ignoring his strange behavior I was able to convince him that it was time to leave.

After my flash back a couple days before I had been so restless and impatient to get back home, but I had this strange feeling that something was up why would Brody react so badly when I said I should contact my parents, deep down inside I felt like there was something he knew but wasn’t telling me.

The past few days we’d go out almost every day on tour and trips and at evening we’d have dinner together and every time I tried to gain some answers from him he’d change the topic and our attention would be diverted elsewhere.

Here we were at the airport about to board his private plane back to our country, suddenly a churning sensation was felt in my stomach and I ran off to the closet rest room where I emptied my stomach out, the taste of orange juice and pancakes did taste good going in but not so good coming back out especially mixed with bile juice….ugh disgusting.

I stood up from the floor and flushed the toilet, I grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste from my toiletry bag and scrubbed my mouth clean of that disgusting flavor of puke. I washed my face quickly and hurried back to Brody, on seeing me has expression of wanting to kill the devil soften as he pulled me towards his body engulfing me in a breathtaking hug, I mean seriously breathtaking heck I couldn’t breathe. “ Brody ughh let goo ..can’t breathe!” he slowly released me but anger was written all over his face.

“Where were you? I was worried sick!” his voice louder than usual startled me as I gasped out loud, it wasn’t fear of him more like a shocked feeling I had never have someone panic so much for not seeing me for less than ten minutes. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside which was another new feeling I had experienced with him, I knew he was mad but I he actually cared so him shouting at me at that moment was totally acceptable.

“Oh Brody you worry too much, would just relax a little I felt really upset and to throw up!” I stretched up to meet his height in the attempt to cool him down with a kiss but of course, it was an epic fail although I was stretching up I still couldn’t completely meet his height.

“Are you ok, maybe we should go home another day its ok with me alright come on let’s go.” 

“No Brody I’m fine let’s go back to New York please I really miss my country, I can assure you I’m fit and fine so stop worrying mother hen.” 

“Mother hen?? Really Alex that’s the best you could’ve come up with” 

“Oh shut and kiss me you jerk!” I said and stuck my tongue out at him.

And I one swift movement I felt his soft yet firm luscious lips planted on mines, I tilted my head upwards to meet his pace as he hungrily ravished my mouth, his tongue brush against my lower lip as it enter my mouth. Lost in the moment as our tongues tango we were suddenly interrupted by someone clearing their throat behind us, our kiss quickly broke off and my cheeks were flushed red as I hid my face in his shoulders giggling. Wait! Did I just giggled? There’s no possible way I could be giggling after being being called out for making out in public, again these strange feelings were acting up with him.

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