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A massive two wooden door, a marble floor, unnatural steps that echoes along the castle and beautiful paintings that hanging on the wall and in every rooms. The railing of the staircase is exquisitley engraved with flowers. Each one from a diffenent place in the world, you could tell. There was a moderate sized fountain that showers water gracefully back to where it started. It was a quiet early morning in the castle until..

"M'Lady, please come back here!" The maid of the house called her. The little girl was running along the hall of the castle wearing her black leather tunics and a black stockings with her brown leather boots.

She's having a good time running around and get chase by her nanny. The little girl run down on their marble staircase holding on the railing to support her not to fall. She jump on the last three steps of the staircase and run through the back door of the castle where there's a two guardsman standing at the both side of the door for security.

"Good morning!" The little girl greeted them as soon as she passed by on them. She run around until she saw the one she's looking for early this morning. She jump on the table to took her seat and face the man she's waiting while putting the white horse back inside the stable. "What's up? You will teach me today?" The little girl asked as she continuously swinging her both legs.

"I'm busy M'Lady, The king sent me a message earlier to do some task" The infantryman said while tying the chord on the thick wood.

"But you're my only henchman and my instructor Ser Jin-Young so who would be?" The little girl jump out of the table and walk together with the man. Jin young patted her head and stop from walking.

"I'll get the packages from the city, remember the toys and clothes that you and your siblings sent? They sent a message to you and your siblings to say thank you" Jin-Young said that made the little girl excited.

"Really??" The little girl asked as her face lit up. Jin-Young nodded and patted her head which she quickly shoved away "Who will teach me today? Joy and Minnie will be having a tutor later and a training too" She crossed her arms as she mentioned her siblings names.

"You go to Ser Hyung Sik and he will be your instructor for the meantime, okay? I need to leave now" He said and he walked away leaving the little girl inside the stable house.

The little girl walk slowly and looking around where there's a infantrymen marching followed by some cavalry wearing a red top long sleeves with a yellow linings and a white pants with black leather boots. They all stop when they saw her standing there looking at them. They all kneeled down and bowed.

"Good morning M'Lady" They all greeted them. She smile at them and walk away to find Ser Hyun Sik. She saw her cousins focusing on their training so she run inside the castle, her footsteps can be all heard in the hall of the castle. She made her way to the underground of the castle where Ser Hyun Sik's room situated.

"Hmmm.. Ahhh.. Faster.. " That was she heard as soon as she step closer to the door. She put her ear on the door to listen on what's happening inside the room.

"I'm cumming.. Ahhh.. " A girl moan out loud. The little girl grip on the knob and open it slowly wearing a devil smile on her face. She open the door that didn't even got noticed by the two who are having sex this early in the morning. She didn't even peek first before she widely open the door because it's not new to her even if she's still a kid since there's a lot of guardsman, infantryman and cavalry who brought some whores inside the castle and she sometimes witnessed everything from the very start of the scene until the end.

"Oohh Nice ass you got" The little girl said while leaning on the door crossing her arms and wearing an evil smile. Hyun Sik quickly covered his and the whore's body who's riding him.

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