Chp 8:

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I opened my eyes and looked around my bedroom groggy. I yawned and rubbed my eyes, that's when realized I had slept in the dress I had worn to the dinner.

"Woah. Rough night?" Kirsten said standing in my doorway with a coffee mug in her hands, she wore a long t-shirt that covered her butt and knee high socks.

"I can't believe I slept in this." I said standing up.

"Help me out of it?" still exhausted, "Could you get me Advil too by the way." I asked in regards to my killer headache.

She helped me unzip the side of the dress and then handed me some Advil from a bottle on my dresser as I changed.

"So how'd it go?" she asked as l walked out of my room and down the hall into my kitchen.

"It went pretty well, or at least I thought so." I said as I started a cup of tea for me.

"Were they nice?"

"To be honest, the wife was the sweetest, she really took interest in what I had to say, where as the husband.

Basically my boss, seemed to care less and than there was Nick..." I said shaking my head.

"Nick? Uh hello! You never mentioned a third person.

Oh my god, wait!

Is he the really hot son, the one with dark hair it's always slicked back but looks so perfect and he has a killer smile and his eyes are stunning. That Nick?"

I squinted my eyes at my sister and turned around

"Why does everyone think that about him."

"Uh hello have you seen the guy? He was voted one of the hottest men the last three years in a row in Gossip Column Magazine, 2012-2014."

"So was it him?"

"If I say yes..will you shut up?" she nodded her head rapidly.

"Yes, and honestly he's nothing that special." I said turning my back on her again.

Okay, maybe I was lying.

But I wasn't about to tell her that!

She crossed her arms "You might not want to admit it now...but in due will." she said, almost in a threatening way as she grabbed her coffee mug and left.


I awoke to the loud sound of Charlie's barks in response to repeated loud knocking on my door downstairs.

I slowly rolled out of bed and stretched before heading downstairs, not worrying about putting a shirt or pants on.

I opened the door to see Eli walk in.

"Hi Nick! Oh hi Eli! Yeah come on in Eli!

Oh, yeah no it's totally fine that your knocking woke me up. I'll get over it." I continued sarcastically, still standing in the entry of my open doorway.

"Hey jackass how bout you stop being annoying and actually sit down and talk to me."

"Do you mind explaining to me why you're in my home at seven-thirty in the morning?" I asked aggravated.

"Yeah I'm getting to that. It's about dad."

I raised an eyebrow "What about him?"

"I'm convinced he's having an affair."

I leaned back into my couch, not him too.

"Yeah? What makes you so sure of that?"

He pulled out a piece of folded up paper from his pocket and handed it to me.

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