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Pragya: oh.. Not again.. Mr. Abhi.. Why are you blubbering .. Please.. Keep quiet.. I won't ask you to speak.. Don't ask sorry again..  If you consider me as your friend..

Abhi kept quiet,  wiping his tears..  They reached  Pragya's apartment ..  When Pragya gets down.. She smiled at him. But Abhi looked sad still.. She again sits in and closed the door with a heavy thud..

Pragya : i won't allow you to go.. Still you  smile.. Please.. Get out of this sad face.. I feel bad. Please smile

Abhi forced to smile but he can't..  Pragya looked at him with pity eyes..  She understood his current condition..  She left the car waving at him.. With sad face..


Pragya gets into her flat  but her mind filled with Abhi's thoughts.. His tears and sad face..  She felt depressed after seeing him like that.  She can't even get sleep.. She tried hard to sleep  because she got a night duty that day.. There Abhi is lying on the couch thinking of the incidents happened..

Abhi in mind : what will Pragya do.. If she comes to know that kiara's dad is myself.. (with tears).
What will i do.. If.. If she leaves me..  I  can't even imagine a life without Pragya and kiara..

Please Pragya..  Don't ever leave me..  Please..  (wiping his tears)

Pragya is shown wandering here and there trying hard to sleep but it is far away for her.. Abhi's thoughts disturbing her..  3'O clock reached..

Pragya got ready wearing chudi thinking of to meet Abhi's dadi as he told hdr before.. And to pick up Kiara, she hired  an auto as her car is still there in the hospital..  She went to the school and was surprised seeing  Abhi and kiara playing  in the park.. Where kiara tries to catch  Abhi but he is running fast with laughter.. Pragya got relief seeing  Abhi happy..  She smiled at him.. But Abhi's smile vanished seeing  Pragya.. He stopped in his steps bowing his head..  Kiara hugs Abhi's thighs screaming like she caught him.. Abhi smiled at kiara..

Pragya came to them..

Pragya : kiara..  Shall we go..  I think i disturbed you two... (with a smile)

Abhi: no.. Not like that..

Kiara:yes.. Of course.. What happened to you buddy.. Why are you lying and keeping mum today..

Abhi blinked his eyes and got sad again..

Pragya :kiara..  We have to meet dadi today right.. That's why he is scared i think so..  (with a smile)

Kiara and Abhi opened their  mouths wide in shock as well as surprise...

Pragya :kiara is blinking ok.. Why are you too blinking.. You only invited me.. Don't you remember.. You told me about her heart problem and told me to check her files.. Right..

Abhi:it's  ok.. You are already tired.. You go and take rest.. We can meet in some other time..

Pragya: what happened to you.. Look at your buddy..  Give him two punch.. He is behaving too formal.

Kiara: mom.. Buddy is a poor guy..  I can't  punch him.. I will hold him.. You punch....

Kiara with her little hands tries to hold  Abhi's thighs..

Abhi smiled.. Pragya too smiled.. Kiara bursts into laughter.. .

Kiara:buddy  don't worry.. My mom don't know how to beat too.. It will be like massaging if she punch..

Abhi too laughed..  Pragya too laughed seeing abhi..


In Abhi's car,  they reached  Abhi's mansion..  Pragya  is shocked to see his mansion and looked at Abhi who is way too simple  carrying  Kiara.. Abhi entered the door step and stopped thinking of Pragya..

Imagining  Pragya as a bride.. Coming  inside with him holding his hands together.. 

While he is in dream land.. Kiara and Pragya  patted his shoulder to make him come out of his dream..

He looked at Pragya longingly to hold her hands.. That time sunny's dog came there Barking at Pragya.. She got scared and holds Abhi's hands..  Abhi got happy..
He holds  her hands and entered inside together..  Abhi's happiness knew no bounds and he thanked dog inside his mind..

Purab came there and shooed Away the dog..  He smiled at Abhi seeing him hand in hand  with a lady and carrying a kid looking like a family man.. He adored the sight . Pragya felt uncomfortable left Abhi's hands abruptly.. He welcomed Pragya then Kiara..  That time  Sunny came from inside and wished Kiara and Pragya..  Then Sunny's mom came.. She started talking with  Pragya friendly..  Then Abhi's  aunt and uncle.. Came.. Then his two dadis..  Everyone  became  friendly  with  Pragya and Kiara while talking with her... Pragya liked  Abhi's family so much.. Abhi felt so happy.. Seeing Pragya.. Kiara  became close with Abhi's family with her talks resembling Abhi..

Suddenly  Abhi's Aunt asked  Pragya..

Aunt: where is your husband.. What he is doing beta.. Is he a doctor like you..

Pragya's face falls.. Kiara got silent too and looked at  Pragya with sad eyes.. Abhi got angered on himself for giving such a situation to her..
Before Pragya opens her mouth..

Abhi:Aunt.. She has to go to hospital.. She came  here to check for dadi's hospital documents.. She is a cardiologist.. Please aunt wait.. Pragya.. Come let's go.. Documents are in upstairs..

While climbing stairs..

Pragya :do you know about Kiara's  dad, Mr. Abhi..

Abhi stopped in his steps..  Got sweat beads on his forehead.. 
Looked at her with shock..

In other side,

A dark room is shown where a person is making a photo... Where the photo image shows hugging  image of Abhi and Pragya..
The other  person.. With a smile..  Collect more photos..  Follow them.. Let's  play.. 

Heavy laughing sound of those two echoed the whole room..

🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸

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