Yandere! Young! Sabaku no Gaara

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Modern AU

Being Gaara's caretaker, you had to deal with certain things. The young boy had bipolar disorder, and he was bullied in school. It was an off thought for you. He was such a sweet and caring boy. Who would want to be mean to him. But then again, kids are mean little creatures.
Gaara would often climb in your bed so you could sing him to sleep, again, you didn't mind.

"You'll never leave me, right?" It was a question that caught you off guard.
"No, of course not! Of course unless your father fires me." You doubted that would happen, you were the only person who could deal with the child's episodes.

Years went by and his feelings towards his nanny got stronger. He was fourteen and in middle school. But he still asked you to sing for him every night.

"I don't believe we need you anymore. He's ready to be on his own."

Rasa had fired you.

Gaara was exploding with extreme rage.

His father was found dead a few days later.

"Come take care of me again."

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