One Mistake Ten Lies (onebluerose)

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Reviewer: Onebluerose

Author: prntai

Cover: 8/10

The cover looks great. Just maybe consider making the title a bit bigger as it occupies too

little space on the cover and a bit hard to read.

Description / Summary: 7/10

There's not much to work with on the summary / description of the story but I could guess it'll

involve a loveless marriage or at least one-sided love. Maybe add a bit of detail/tease or

rework it so that the summary introduces something different and be more interesting than

all the other books on that niche.

Chapter Review: 7/10

I have read the book up to Chapter 11 but will only go into detail on the first three. Overall,

grammar and punctuation need work the most. Please consider adding a bit more

description/detail to your scenes (setting, movement, mood, etc.) so readers could get a

clearer picture of what's happening.

Chapter 001:

The present situation and the main character's feelings were established clearly. Just one

thing, I think I didn't come across the reason the main character was married off to V? I think

it would help readers understand more of the characters actions if we know why. Also, try to

avoid using the same words in a sentence as it sounds redundant. For example, the word

"happened" in the first sentence of the chapter. There are also some mistakes with regards

to grammar and punctuation.

Chapter 002:

This chapter is good. Just a bit spelling mistake and punctuation omission here and there but

nothing major. I just like to point out that the first time I read this chapter, I was kinda

confused with regards to how fast the main girl's mood changed. She was sad then numb

then was laughing the next second then sad then bored. It took me the second time to catch

up and picture the scenario clearly.

Chapter 003:

Again, grammar and punctuation. Also, the scene in the living room with the main girl and

JJK. I think "unstoppable laughter" was a bit much. They were laughing until they were

teary-eyed as per your description. I suggest mellowing it down. The main girl also walked

away without even saying "excuse me" to the other person.

Main Characters: 10/10

A perfect score for this one because of how consistent you have written/described/created

their personalities! I was surprised! It wasn't like the other books I've read (with similar

storyline) where the characters become ooc at some point. Even when the main girl was too

weak for my liking during certain moments, I just can't hate it as it was faithful to who she is.

And Jungkook! You were also faithful to the image you have created for his character in the

first fews chapters up to where I've read. Love it!

Activity of the Writer: 8/10

The author replies to some feedback/comments on the story as well as on her conversation


Plot: 8/10

The plot is good. It's cliche as the author have admitted in an author's note but nonetheless,

interesting. There are parts where a person outside of the fandom might get confused (party

scene where the members were there) but still. Just one point that is not clear to me is the

tile and the story? What are the lies? And what's the mistake? (I deeply apologize if I missed

it. Or maybe I have yet to get to that point?)

Overall Advice:

Work on your grammar and punctuation. Adding more detail to your descriptions would be

great too.

This is just my opinion. A single person's point of view. Please know that the things I pointed

out are not flat out negativity but rooms for improvement. Also, please feel free to ask

questions if you have any. Thank you for trusting me!

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