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"Are you OK? What's wrong?"

Keira was still screaming. 

She didn't care if it was Hannah or anyone else at this point. This was not supposed to happen. She was not supposed to see her mother, and she definitely was not supposed to see her mother digging someone's grave.

"Hey, look at me. It's OK. Everything's OK. It's over now. Snap out of it." A hand was rubbing her arm soothingly and another one was slowly making her look at the person. In her blurry haze, Keira noticed a pair of mismatched eyes looking at her in despair. Hannah... She was murmuring some spell to make Keira calm. But how can she be calm right now?

She thought her mother was dead or somewhere around the world. But not trapped in a mirror. Her mother was alive...or something akin to it. She talked to her via the mirror. It had to mean something, right? But then again, she didn't want to feel whatever she just felt right now. The fear, anticipation, horror of her mother's cruelty. She wanted the spells to stop.

Was it really over?

"Nothing is right. What I saw couldn't be possible." Keira sobbed out and gritted her teeth at the sudden cold that made her bones chilled. Hannah gave her a tight hug as Keira grabbed Hannah's shoulder desperately trying to forget the look her own mother gave her.

It was creepy, hideous and was creeping into her bones every time she opened my eyes.

"You saw what? What is it?" Asked Hannah impatiently.

"I-I...saw my birth mother. The one who abandoned me when I was a baby. It's not normal. Is it?" She choked out looking at her trembled reflection in the mirror. Hannah looked confused at Keira's confession but still tightly held her.

"No. But you told me she was dead. Tell me everything from the start." Keira did? Her eyes widened when she realized her mistake. She told Hannah her parents were dead...Oh, God.

"I-I thought she was dead but I saw...look, I was just seeing my childhood. I saw I had a sibling, a twin sister. That's where I saw her giving me up. Then suddenly it changed. It started to show a woman just like me. She was digging a grave. Then she turned and talked to me... She was freaking hell talking to me! How can anyone talk like that? It was supposed to just life... Not my mother's..." Keira glanced back at Hannah to see she was watching the mirror in interest.

"I don't understand. Whatever you do, it always turns into something different. I thought people always mess up some spells, but you? You create a totally different outcome for any spell you use." Hannah frowned looking at Keira but Keira looked away. She did not have the answers herself why she was different. She still did not know if it was a bless or a curse.

"It isn't a good thing, right? What do you suggest me to do now?"

Hannah looked torn to answer Keira but after a few moments, she started talking with hesitation. "Look, I'm not so sure but you said that she's dead but maybe she's really not dead, instead, she is trapped in a different dimension than ours."

"What do you mean she's trapped? You mean she's trapped in the mirror and want my help in freeing her?" Keira whispered to the only possible answer her brain can make. And even that sounded ridiculous to her ears. 

"You are pretty close. She is trapped in somewhere but there's must be something wrong cause no one gets trapped without any reason. So we have to be careful."

"Why are you saying that and why she was in a mirror?" Keira asked looking at Hannah through her tearful eyes. She really tried to stop the tears to fall but like a stubborn mole, they kept falling.

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