I bite the inside of my cheek, fighting the urge to snap back at him. He hasn't stopped making comments about my outfit all night, he hasn't once complimented me or said one supportive thing really.

I tried to heed Harrys request, well, demand that I dress up, but now this white tight skirt and sheer low cut loose blouse seems like a bad idea.

I think Andy's just irritated that we are going to this place instead of going to his father's house for dinner, like every Saturday night since we've been together.

"Do I look bad?" I ask quietly, feeling self conscious over his constant comments.

He leans over and kisses my cheek "No of course not, you always look beautiful...its just, this outfit is a bit...well you know"

I crease my brows together "No I don't know, what is it?"

Andy blows out a huff of air, shaking his head "It's just when you're dressed like that it gives people a certain impression"

I glare sideways at him, tugging down the hem of my skirt again "What impression would that be?"

Andy smiles, kissing my cheek again "Don't worry about it, just try not to wear it again okay?"

I hang my head, looking at the ground with my shoulders deflating.

"At least one part of the outfit shows who you really are" he says warmly, giving my waist a gentle squeeze with his arm around me.

I lift my eyes to him, trying to hide how insecure and hurt I feel "What's that?"

Andy lifts his hand to point to the halo on top of my head "That right there, you're an angel"

I blush, dropping my eyes again "I don't own anything devil related, closest thing I had"

I really didn't own anything that seemed to fit the theme tonight, I had an old halo that was part of an angel costume from Halloween last year, and figured that was in the realm of devils, I mean, even Satan was an angel at some point.

"You and me both sweet pea" he smiles, rubbing his hand against my side affectionately "Let's just get tonight over with, so you never have to come back"


As soon as I'm surrounded by those deep red lights I feel like I've been sucked back through time, all the Deja Vu feeling like a kick to the stomach as I search my eyes around the club.

It still feels as sinister as ever, the heavy bass to the music making the air vibrate.

That same smell of fills my nostrils, and I close my eyes momentarily, almost reminiscing about the last time I was here.

Though I could never openly admit it, a small bit of excitement spurs in me over being here again, there's something about this place that thrills me, it's probably the fact I know I shouldn't be here.

Andy is clung to my side, scowling at the sea of people all dressed like something out of a pornographic masquerade movie.

It seems most people opted for masks, creepy ones at that. Some were black with menacing horns, others were shades of red with menacing teeth and looked fit for a horror film.

A large collection of the women opted for scantily clad outfits, some only in tight red latex body suits and fishnets, complimented by some devil horns.

I definitely stick out like a sore thumb.

"Abby!" my attention is caught by my name, and I look around until my eye catches Sophie making her way through the crowd, waving with an excited smile.

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