~Chapter 5~

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Hello there! *Waves wildly* This chapter has a scene of boyxboyness. Nothing rated R but i thought i should tell you ahead of time so i dont get any crap ^-^ So if you dont like this sort of thing go read something different...NOW! Thank you to everyone that Fanned, Voted, and or Commented. Love you guys =]

~Chapter five~

Blu’s POV

With my ear firmly squashed on the door I try to decipher the muffled words that happen to meet me while I eavesdrop on Kent’s conversation with his dad. It’s wrong, I know that, but how else am I going to get answers with everyone’s clamming up when I ask? All I get are snippets of the conversation and I can’t tell if their spoken by Kent or his father. The words ‘Packs, hunter, drunk, and Alpha’ all come to me in a jumbled mess before the door swings open and I’m face first in the off white carpet. Scrambling up to my feet I give a sheepish smile to the two men that look at me with bug eyes.

“So what’s an Alpha?” I ask picking the one word I don’t know the meaning to and Kent blanches. Color drains from his face until he’s white as paper and his wide eyes dart to his dad as if asking for help. I see him give a sharp shake of the head silently telling his son something. Raising one eyebrow I ask my question again and I can see Kent flinch.

“Well, er uh…” Kent stutters seeming to grope for the words while his eyes dart around the room not meeting mine. Gosh it’s a simple enough question I would think. So why can’t he give me a simple enough answer? Something is definitely up.

“What my incompetent son is trying to say is ‘Alpha’ is a kind of leader to a wolf pack. We we’re just discussing the habits of wolves, strange but what are you going to do? Blu I think the real question is what are you doing with your ear stuck to my door?” He asks a hint of a smile playing on his lips and a flash of humor in his eyes. But I’m not buying it, not for one damn minute. Kent seems to relax at his father’s excuse.

“Now will you both please leave me be, I have a lot of business to take care of.” Kent’s father waves us away. Once the doors closed and we’re alone I grab Kent by the color of his shirt and pull him down the hallway to October’s room. He doesn’t protest or struggle which is good because I don’t think I could really make him go anywhere. Pushing him inside the room I close and lock the door so he can’t escape.

Crossing my arms over my chest (a trait I have seem to pick up when I meet Kent) and narrow my eyes at him. Squirming under my intense gaze he scratches the back of his neck and shifts from foot to foot. Funny the short shrimp is intimidating the big buff guy. Score for short people everywhere! Ok getting off topic, time to interrogate!

“So what were you and your dad really talking about?” I inquire. “Because I don’t believe that ‘talking about wolfs’ bull crap. Seriously you just come home dyeing of blood lose and your dad wants to talk about wolves? Very unlikely.”

“Well you know…dads.” He mumbles uncertainly, but I just keep talking, stepping forward as I do so. I take a step he takes one back words. Over and over again.

“Speaking of almost dyeing shouldn’t you be resting? It’s strange but you look fine to me when only hours ago you were as pale and lifeless as a sheet of paper.” By now he trips and lands on Octobers bed and while I close in on him. It’s true he looks fine. Sure he has bags under his eyes and he’s still slightly pale but other than that he’s up and moving, peculiar.    

“So I heal fast, so what?” He says defensively scurrying to the edge of the bed where it meets the wall. I’ve got him trapped. It’s weird, for such a big guy he seems almost vulnerable.

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