Capitolo Sedici✔️

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So...for not updating on Christmas, a late gift is...smut. 😊

Lucia POV

"What the fuck are you girls doing?" Antonio asked.

The girls and I, including Alyssa, were all walking around like headless chickens with blindfolds on.

"Don't look!" Alyssa yelled.

"At what?" Antonio asked.

"At the creatures." I answered and we all busted out laughing.

I suddenly sensed someone near me and stopped walking. I stretched out my hands and felt something soft, the harder I pressed on it the harder it got.

"You're creepy." I said to him.

"Who?" Tess asked.

"Not me, I'm touching a wall." Ava said.

"I have no fucking clue what I'm touching but I'm not going to complain." Alyssa said.

"I won't complain either." An 'Aless' twin said.

"Wait which one are you, because you better be the same one from the dorm." I said.

"Alessio, and yeah that was me both times." He chuckled.

"Eeek I get my own daddy." Alyssa laughed, I rolled my eyes despite no one being able to see me roll them.

"Ew." Leah said.

Antonio had his hands wrapped around my wrists, I felt his soft lips kiss them and then his thumbs rub circles on them.

"You have no idea how sexy you look right now." He spoke lowly, his head was close to my ears, so close I could feel his hot breath gently fanning my ear.

"How?" I asked.

"The blindfold. You have no idea what I'm going to do next. Where I'm going to touch you—" he picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder. I let out a sound that was a squeal mixed with a giggle as I allowed myself to flip on his back.

His hand was on my ass, squeezing it occasionally as he walked off me with me. He suddenly spanked me really hard, causing me to scream and grip the back of his shirt.

"What was that for??" I asked. My ass stung and it wouldn't be a surprise if it was red in a minute.

"You didn't text me back." He said simply. I heard a door open and then suddenly he wasn't holding me anymore and I was flying through the air.

"Antonio!" I yelled out, scared I may fall on the floor. I collided with a soft bed and let out a sigh of relief. I turned over and laughed, inhaling the scent of the bed which immediately let me know, this was Antonio's bed.

My ankles were grabbed and I was drug to the end of the bed, resulting in yet another short scream from me.


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