Taking Her Home

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Vincent pulled up and parked in front of Rebecca's apartment. He sighed thinking about the fact that she hadn't woken up the entire drive and he was going to probably have to carry her the whole way to her apartment. He opened his door and ran around to the other side. Opening the door, he barely caught her head before it hit the sidewalk. He took a deep breath as he lifted her head up before picking her up bridal style. Kicking the door closed he walked towards the doorway of the building. He nodded his head to the doorman who opened and held the door for him.

Vincent had to push the elevator button with his elbow as he adjusted Rebecca in his arms. She wasn't really that heavy looking but she was dead weight from drinking too much and Vincent would bet everything he owned that Enzo had slipped something into her drink.

Walking off the elevator on what he really hoped was her floor, he looked down at her and a thought that scared him ran through his head. "She's really beautiful when she sleeps." Stopping mid-step he shook his head as if that would erase the fact that he even thought it. "What is wrong with you Vincent?" He asked himself out loud before continuing to her door.

He adjusted her in his arms again while he tried to unlock her apartment door. Walking in he looked around for the door to her bedroom realizing that there was only a set of stairs that must lead to a loft where her bed was. Taking a deep breath, he looked at the couch and thought for a second that he could just leave her on there, before shaking his head and climbing the stairs.

He laid her in her in bed, shaking out his arms from carrying her for so long he wondered if he should change her clothes before thinking better of it. It had never taken advantage of a woman in this state and would never put himself in a position to be accused of doing so. He removed her heels though before pulling the blankets over her and tucking her in. He stood over her looking at her sleeping face for a second. He felt a smile spreading on his face, so he forced himself to quickly look away.

Running his hands through his hair and on his pants, he looked around. Walking to the two doors on the wall he looked in one to determine which was the bathroom and walked in. He walked to the medicine cabinet, opening it, he looked for some aspirin. Finding it he poured three into his hand and put the bottle back. He walked back to the bedroom and laid them on her bedside table and looked around again. In his bedroom, he had a mini fridge that held water bottles. It came in handy since he had a tendency to either work up a thirst or wake up with a nasty hangover, sometimes both. Sighing he determined that she didn't have one in her room and hoped that it was because she didn't participate in the same late-night activities that he did.

He walked back downstairs and looked in the fridge finding her a bottle of water. As he turned to head back upstairs, he noticed a notepad sitting on the counter. He scribbled her a note before heading back upstairs. He laid the note underneath the aspirin and the water bottle beside that. He then noticed her purse on the floor beside the bed and grabbed it. He had been raised by his mother to never go through a woman's purse, but in this day and age, women seemed to always be lost without their cellphones. Pulling her out he looked to the bedside table again for a charger. Finding it he plugged it in and set it beside the other things he had left for her when she woke.

Feeling accomplished in doing the right thing, he switched off the lamp on the bedside table before he turned to leave. He had only reached the second step down when he heard her whimper in her sleep. He turned around and walked back to look at her and realized she may not like the dark. Walking over to the bathroom again he switched the light on and closed the door to a crack. He couldn't sleep unless it was completely dark but that didn't mean that she was like that. After all, she was a woman living on her own.

He walked back to the stairs and quickly descended the stairs. When he reached the bottom, he took a quick look around her apartment. It didn't seem like anything was out of place, besides the fact that it wasn't very personal. "Maybe she just moved in," he thought. He walked to the front door, turning off lights as he went, before turning the lock on the handle and shutting it behind him. He took a breath and walked to the elevator, pushing the arrow to go down.

A half hour later, Vincent was walking into his place and heading straight for the fridge. He grabbed a beer and popped the top off as he walked to his couch. Taking a seat and a pull of his beer he turned the television on. He began to think about Rebecca and zoned out and didn't even hear what was being said by the news reporter. He also didn't hear his front door open.

"Vince, Vince," Domenico shouted from the opposite side of the living room. He raised a brow. Vincent looked like he was in deep thought and that was a rare and never a good thing. Domenico walked over to stand in front of his cousin and snapped his fingers in his face causing him to shake his head before looking up at him.

"Hey man," Vincent said clearing his throat. "Everything go okay at the club after I left?" He got up to grab another beer while he tried to remember drinking the currently empty one in his hand.

Domenico nodded his head, "Yep we took care of Enzo and his boys. Told them they weren't allowed back at the club," he said taking the beer from Vincent's hand before he could even take the top off. Vincent rolled his eyes before grabbing another. "So, what the hell happened exactly?" Domenico asked.

Vincent took a long drink before looking at Domenico and shrugging, "I have no idea," he said in a tone that conveyed just how confused he was. "I don't really know why, Dom, but I felt this crazy need to protect her," he gestured with his hands to show how intense the feeling was.

Domenico raised a questioning brow and took a drink, "Man, she kissed me and I didn't feel that. Are you feeling okay? Maybe you're coming down with something," Domenico raised his hand towards Vincent's forehead to feel for a fever, but he batted it away. Vincent felt a weird feeling in his chest with the mention of her kissing him but he didn't know what it was so he ignored it.

He walked back to the couch and sat down, "doesn't matter anyway. None of us will ever see her again," he drank the last of his beer and sat it on his coffee table.

"Ahh. Slept with her, did you?" Domenico said with a smirk and a shake of his head. It was not a surprise to him. That is what Vincent did. Love 'em and leave 'em, nothing more nothing less. He wasn't interested in settling down no matter how much it would make his mother happy and that was why Vincent never slept with them more than once, with the exception of Milena. He wouldn't have anything more with her since she was Russian and that was frowned upon by his mother and most of the rest of the Mafia.

"I took her home. Pretty sure Enzo put something in her drink," Vincent answered in an offended tone.

Domenico raised his hands in surrender, "okay, Man. Sorry. Not like you to leave a girl untouched. You sure you don't plan on seeing her at a soberer time?"

Vincent shook his head, "no," he stated firmly, "and she is off limits to you too," he added. Vincent turned and looked at him with a glare, "I mean it, Domenico. Hands. Off."

Domenico nodded and tried his best to silence his chuckle. His cousin never forbade him from a woman. Something was up.

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