Why Getting a Divorce is So Hard?

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There was only one way out of this life for Gongsun Li. If she could get divorce from the emperor, nobody could keep her captivated in this hell of a palace!

"And that should be easy." She thought.

She just had to see the emperor and ask for it.. Of course the mighty emperor won't make fuss about getting a divorce from a lowly concubine.. hehe.

So, Gongsun Li took a deep breath and got ready to see the emperor.
A few days later.......

Gongsun li returned to her room and fell on her bed with a loud thud. She was tired as hell!!!!

These few days, she ran all around the palace just to see the emperor but she didn't get even a glance. Gongsun Li felt like pulling all her hair out of frustration! She was about to do that but suddenly a high pitched voice rang all around the palace

"Hey, you all lowly concubines!! Get your ass here right now!!"

"Don't we deserve a little respect as the emperor's wife?” Gongsun li murmured with a tired sigh..

"No, we don't."

Surprised with the answer she turned to the source of voice. It was a pretty girl, Gongsun li got only her side view because the girl was staring ahead..her expression was calm with a subtle smile on lips.

"But why? We are the emper..

"Emperor's wife?", the girl cut her off and asked with a sarcastic tone in her voice. Gongsun li stared at her and didn't know what to say.

"We are his majesty's wife in name only.. Actually we were brought here as maids and nothing else."

"What a pathetic logic!! Why would he marry us if we were just maids?"

Now  the girl turned and stared right into her face. There was still smile in her eyes.

"That you should ask his majesty yourself, don't you think?"


Gongsun li was just processing her words while the head servant wailed again,

"Listen, you all. His majesty is going on a tour to the han state. His majesty needs a personal maid there. Get ready you all. One of the lucky one can be picked any time"

As soon as she announced it, gasps and whispers filled the room.

Gongsun Li felt like she would die in anticipation. Her whole aura bloomed with lights and flowers. It was a huge opportunity to see the emperor and get divorce!!!

"But you all have to go through tough scrutiny and prove your capability before that."

Whaaaaaat!! Gongsun Li felt exasperated and her eyes started to twitch......

It's not like you are choosing a general to lead the war, it's just a personal maid you have to pick, Is there any need to do all that? You morons!!!!

She felt as if all her hopes vanished into thin air..
Wuhuhu, Why getting a divorce  is so hard?

But she couldn't give up.. This was her only chance.. So she mustered all her courage and announced,

"Xiaonu (this little women) would feel very honored to have the chance of serving his majesty. So, please consider xiaonu"

Gongsun Li predicted as soon as she announced, all the other concubines would protest and try to get the chance.

But there was only......silence...

She knew something was not right and looked around the surrounding..

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