Chapter 5 - Glass

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Paige's POV

I woke up in Emilys bed alone. I had one of her old jerseys on and a pair of her boxers.

"Em?" I called groggily rubbing my eyes. I got up and started searching for her.

"Fuck." I whispered to myself feeling a sharp pain in my foot. I took my hand from my eyes and saw blood.

"Emily!" I yelled finally noticing the broken window.

"Em!" I screamed frantically. I felt someone grab me from behind and screamed.

"Baby shh its just me!" Emily said spinning me around and holding me.

"What happened! Did someone break in? Are you okay?" I asked checking her skin for bruises or cuts.

"I'm fine, come sit down let me clean that cut, you have glass in your foot." She said reminding me of the pain. She pulled my arm over her shoulder and I hopped to the seat. Emily ran and got the first aid kit.

"Shit, I told you that we should have woke her!" Hanna said walking into the living room followed by Spencer and Aria.

"I'm sorry Paige, did we wake you?" Aria asked frowning.

"No, but you should have woke me." I said directly to Emily pouting.

"I told them Paige! I said you'd wake up, come down and step in the glass." Hanna shook her head.

"We cant clean it up yet, were still proccessing who it could of been." Spencer replied.

"Why havent you all called the police! Someone broke in, isnt it only logical to call them!" I yelled.

"Listen Paige this is one of those things we need to talk about. Just trust me, the less involved the police are the better off we are." Emily said picking glass out of my foot.

"...I dont understand but I'll trust your alls judgment. So do we have any idea who it could of been?" I say.

"Who do you think?" Hanna asked rolling her eyes.

"We think it may have been Ali. Em and her had a pretty heated fight the other day an this may be a tactic to scare Emily into talking to her. A is never this sloppy." Aria said looking at me.

"Great. Not only was she a psycho before but now shes also a jealous ex-girlfriend." I roll my eyes and Emily started biting her lip.

"I wont let her hurt you." Emily said staring at me.

"None of us will." Spencer chimed in.

"Yeah, we all have someone special, and we've all done the same thing Emily did. We pushed our boyfriends away because we didnt want them to get on this crazy ride, but eventually we had to. This is our life now, an we have to share it with someone." Aria smiled to me.

"Okay, enough sappy talk. Lets find out who the hell broke in here. Its freaking me out being here not knowing." Hanna shivered.

"I'd place money on Ali but I'll check if I can find anything more solid." Spencer replied walking towards the glass.

"All done babe." Emily smiled up at me and kissed me.

"Thank you." I said wrapping my arms around her tightly.

"Awh thats so sweet!" Aria squealed. I started blushing and so did Emily.

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