Chapter 11: The Silver Scorpion

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Night had fallen, and every muscle in Ryn's body was eager to be moving.

But she couldn't move. Not just yet....

And so she waited, perched upon the carpark wall, just as she had been all day.

Thoughts of Colt still clouded her mind, but she found a way to push past them.

She had bigger concerns right now.

Many times she'd thought she'd caught a glimpse of silver, curling around the edge of the tower, and heading towards the office inside. But every time, it had been nothing more than her own paranoid thoughts, reflected in the glass.

Now that night had fallen, the windows were aglow from the inside, transforming the previously stark-black tower into a radiant beacon, for the entire city to see.

It happened tonight. She knew it happened tonight.

She just wasn't sure when....

It could be now, it could be in several hours.

But Ryn was determined to stay until she found out.

As she waited, her thoughts drifted back again.

A part of her could understand Colt's reluctance. He had grown up in a world that hated people like him. A world that feared people like him. Rejected them....

She supposed that he'd had no choice but to adopt the same point of view.

But there had to be a way to change his mind. There was no way the Colt she had met this afternoon would lead a team of super powered mutants into a war for the preservation of man-kind.

She needed to find the way to get through to him.

If the future were to play out anywhere close to how she knew it would, then it meant there had to be a way....

She would just have to figure it out.

Preferably, she reminded herself, at a less significant point in time.

Focus, Aderyn.

It was then that she saw it.

A glint of silver.

Not just the paranoia-induced reflections she'd been tricked by, before, but an actual glint.

Dreaded excitement pooled in her gut.

Her eyes focused in on the swiftly moving object, scaling up the green spiral of the tower like an insect on a fern.

Or, rather, an arachnid, she muttered bitterly to herself.

Sure enough, when she focused in, tracing the movement of the strange silvery streak with her enhanced vision, what she saw had been everything she had expected.

Just as much as it surprised her.....

Not wasting a moment, she snapped her focus back to normal, before spreading her wings out and leaping into the skies.

Never before had Aderyn flown so fast, her wings slicing through the air like a shark through water.

But she feared it would not be enough.

The glint of silver raced up the tower, moving fast enough to have escaped a pyroclastic flow.

By the time she had arrived at the Tower, her wings swerving to avoid crashing into the glass, the window to the large CEO office crashed open on its own, as a large, silvery machine flew into the room.

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