Chapter 80

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Nicolae carried me into his room, shutting the door with his back, as his beautiful blue eyes stayed on mine; our minds connecting in our unique way. Do you really think this will work, Nicolae? He smiled at me and set me gently down. Yes, I do. He won't expect it and it's so beautifully simple, my darling, that it will work. His gentle hands swept my hair back gently from my face, holding it, as he looked down into my eyes. He will be so utterly distracted by your surprise news, that he won't see it coming, before it's too late, my love. My black eyes, vulnerable with doubt, looked up into his beautiful blue ones that were so confident and steady. His confidence was going to have to carry us both now; I was becoming more and more unsure, as the days rolled closer. I wasn't sure I could do this; could I really betray and kill Viktor? Even with all of my heart's longing, could I really do it in the end?

Sasha, you are the strongest person I know. If anyone can do this, it's you. I scoffed at him, almost rolling my eyes. His gentle hands on my face turned my eyes back to his, so I wouldn't miss what he had to say next, You, Sasha Genovese Bartholy, have made it here; to this point. You survived hundreds of years with him, his cruelty, and you stand before me, a beautiful woman who is full of love and compassion. That is an amazing thing, Sasha. - Only because you and your brothers taught me how to love, Nicolae! Don't you see, I couldn't have done this without you. Nicolae's smile was so beautiful, as it captured his face, tinting his cheeks that beautiful shade of pink, the smile reaching his eyes as they delved down into mine. And we will all be right there with you on that day, my darling. You are no longer alone, remember? You will never have to face anything alone again.

A tiny sob escaped me as I looked at him. I knew without a doubt the truth of his words; my white knight would never let me down. He would be there with me. He gently lowered his lips to mine, caressing me in the most sensual way possible, listening in on my mind; he had me sighing his name, as I opened for his tongue to slip in to meet mine. He had me moaning with the feel of it stroking mine, possessing and coaxing me in the perfect way, to light me full of flames. I needed him; his confidence to carry me, his reassurance to give me strength, and his love-making to surround me with his love and strength. Here in his arms, I felt safe and loved; reminding me that I really wasn't alone anymore. He was mine and I was his; I was all of theirs and they were mine. The time to free us all was rapidly approaching. "Nicolae," I sighed his name.

His hands were still on my face and he passionately kissed me, while he started backing us toward his bed. My hands reached out to start ridding him of his vest, a button at a time, as my power flared up to light all of the candles all over the room; creating a sensual environment. He released me so I could rid him of his vest and tunic, tossing them to his bedroom floor. My hands wandered up his bare torso, feeling the silken skin over hard muscle that contracted at my touch, making him sigh into my mouth. His hands gently slid from my face to my shoulders, where they pushed the straps of my gown down my arms, before he held me there against him. His kiss was making my breathing speed up, coming in short gasps, as he ravished my mouth with his skillful mouth; I swear he could make me orgasm with his kiss alone at times.

His mouth traveled down my jaw and neck, kissing me and sucking on me, drawing out moan after moan, his mouth coming to tease me on the exposed flesh of where my straps had been. He released me from his mouth and turned me to face away from him; his mouth once again coming to my neck and shoulder from behind, to taste and tease me. His hands came up to start loosening the dress that I wore. I felt his mouth leave my neck, as his hand captured my left one, raising it to his lips as I looked over at him with lidded eyes. He slowly drew them to his mouth, sucking on my fingertips gently, one at at time, nipping at them and making my heart rate go up. His lips slowly slid up my knuckles, to where the ring representing him and his brothers, rested on my finger. His mouth pressed gentle kisses below it, traveling around it to my knuckles, just above the ring.

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