106. Playoffs: Game Two

279 41 13

Hester Pioneers versus Penn Hills Coyotes

Sarah clapped excitedly, adding to the boisterous cheers of the Pioneers fans.

It was the sixth inning, and Henry had just ripped the ball from mid-air for the second out of the inning. He was playing the position that he loved – shortstop. And this was the third out that he'd gotten in the game.

Sarah watched with pride as the crowd applauded his efforts. The fans really loved him ... both black and white. They shouted with joy when he made a strong play and groaned in sympathy when he committed an error.

It was the second and final playoff game, and if the game kept going the way that it had, the Pioneers would secure a spot in the Steel Mill League Championship.

Sarah couldn't wait to celebrate with Henry and tell him how proud she was to be his wife. She rested a hand on her belly. Their child was growing every single day. She rubbed her stomach and thought how wonderful everything was going to be once the baby was born. It would be her and Henry and the baby. They would be a little family. They would live a peaceful life of love and happiness. It was all that Sarah had ever wanted, and it was all happening for her. Sarah didn't think that she'd ever been so happy or looked forward to her future with such bliss.

The next batter came up to home plate and Sarah watched along with the rest of the spectators, waiting for the pitch.

Then Sarah felt a wave of dizziness overtake her. It came on just as forcefully as it did suddenly. She leaned forward slightly, pressing her forehead against her palm. She took a deep breath and waited for the careening sensation of nausea to subside.

A moment later, she felt a hand on her arm.

"Sweetheart, are you okay? You look as pale as a ghost. Is it the heat? You're taking the heat for two there."

Sarah looked up to see Linda Bell at her side, but her image was blurry. Sarah's vision seemed to be waving and contorting ... as if her vision couldn't stay still. A feeling of dizziness overcame her. She opened her mouth to speak but couldn't produce any words. She had never felt this lightheaded ... this lack of control of her own body.

"Give her some air, for God's sake," a lady cried.

Sarah squeezed her eyes shut. She heard the scuffling of hard-soled shoes against the wood flooring, and it sounded like thunder. Along with the drone of the crowd and vendors hawking their wares, the chaos of noises only added to Sarah's queasiness. When she opened her eyes again, she could tell that people had cleared away and were now staring at her, whispering amongst themselves.

Linda looked back over her shoulder. "Frank! Richard!" she shouted. "Please come over here and help me! It's Henry Louis's wife! She's pregnant, and I think she might be having some kind of a spell!"

Sarah took deep breaths, trying to gain control of her faculties. She was sitting under the hot afternoon sun. Probably not the smartest thing to do, being pregnant. She felt awful, but she was sure it was just a temporary condition.

Two men appeared behind Linda. It was Frank and Richard Bell.

"Ma'am, can we help you?" Frank said. "Why don't we get you into the shade? Then we can get you a glass of water. Maybe something to eat."

Sarah nodded and started to stand up, but the ground seemed to be shaking underneath her feet.

Then everything began to fade away.

"Oh dear!" Linda cried.

A woman gasped, and another shrieked.

Before Sarah was even fully upright, she was already starting to faint.

Author's Note

"Sometimes things get in our way that we may not have a vision or complete understanding of. But, it's your attitude that determines your altitude."

- Emmitt Smith, three-time Super Bowl Champion

Printed with permission

From my upcoming book "COREAGEOUS".

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