Right Man in the Wrong Place

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A/N: homosexuality made this cool edit and I'm obsessed with it. A couple people have said that they want to make fanart/edits/stories based off of GOC and that's so amazing. If any of you make anything, show me. I'd love to put it up in a chapter, with your permission of course.

 I'd love to put it up in a chapter, with your permission of course

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Geoff could only assume the boy wrapped up in Awsten's arms was named Travis. He had little care for the lack of clothes covering Awsten's body, indicating their level of closeness. When the two separated, Geoff got a better look at Travis. As he had theorized, there was a tiny heart on Travis's chest. This heart was different to every other one he had seen, at least at first. Travis's heart was somehow already a pale bright yellow that reminded Geoff of a daffodil. It had become clear to him that not all people had started with a grey heart.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Travis questioned his longtime best friend. It was unusual for Awsten to be this distant especially without any warning. After his breakup with Ciara, he shot Travis a text indicating that he needed some space and much to Travis's displeasure, he complied. He was used to Awsten coming over on Friday after work to complain about the stupid customers that would irritate him during the week while chowing down on some vegetarian takeaway. He was used to texting the other boy consistently, updating each other about every aspect of their lives. Travis missed him to say the least.

"Around." Awsten said vaguely, shrugging to no one in particular. He couldn't exactly tell Travis the truth. If he told one of his best friends about how he accidentally summoned a dude from the dead and was pulled into an absurd game to find the love of his life, he didn't think Travis would believe him. Travis was really into conspiracy theories and all things otherworldly but he somehow doubted the other boy would take him seriously. "Busy with work. You know how it is." Awsten wasn't in the mood to tell Travis about Ciara either. He was pretty positive that Travis would tear him a new asshole for talking to his ex-girlfriend again.

"Doesn't give you the excuse to be a stranger." Travis was right and it made Awsten feel a little guilty. He hadn't meant to push the people he cared about away from him. Between Geoff, finding his soulmate, working a soul crushing job and trying to make sure he had enough for rent every month, he was keeping himself busy. Travis calling him out reminded him about someone else close to him; Jawn. Awsten hadn't reached out the night before like he had wanted to. Maybe he should've. If he did that though, he wouldn't have woken up with his arms tangled around a girl he hadn't stopped thinking about. Geoff felt a pair of eyes analyzing him and suddenly felt aware of how exposed he was to this stranger. "Am I interrupting? I'll get out of your hair."

"It's not what it looks like." Awsten groaned, ignoring Travis's questioning gaze. "This is my roommate Geoff." The purple haired boy gestured to Geoff, who was feeling more uncomfortable by the second. He was in the middle of questioning why he had no information on Travis when the details flooded into his brain. Travis Riddle. Twenty-five years old. Born December 25th 1992. An aspiring author. Likes tater-tots, dogs, comic books and video games. Dislikes consisting of pickles, bad grammar and the color orange. Geoff paid little attention to the schedule inserting itself into his brain; he was positive that Awsten already knew it. Geoff paid a little more attention to the memory playing out in front of him. It had a younger version of Travis, probably not any older than six or seven years old in church talking to two older kids. He wasn't sure if Awsten knew anything about Travis' younger years. Even if he did, Geoff wasn't sure if it was his place to ask about what he saw.

Geoff isn't quite sure what he saw to begin with. It was just as vague and mysterious as Michaela's and Ciara's. Geoff had theorized what the two moments symbolized a few times but hadn't come up with anything concrete. He thought that Ciara might've had a terminal illness from the snapshot he was given of her isolated time in a hospital bed. Micheala on the other-hand was a little more of an interesting situation. Her's consisted of a conversation Geoff couldn't hear with her grandmother, causing Geoff to consider that she might've been sexually assaulted by her grandmother. He had assumed that in a traditional video game manor, everyone's backstory would be tragic. Geoff just hoped he was wrong.

"Roommate?" Travis quirked his brow at the purple haired boy. He was positive that it wasn't possible for that to be the case. Awsten quickly declined his offer to move in with him and Zakk when he was first leaving home. When Travis pitched the idea of splitting an apartment with someone else, Awsten protested. Awsten absolutely hated the idea of living with anyone else, let alone a stranger. A roommate wasn't a realistic option for Awsten and both of them knew that. Travis wasn't buying whatever lie Awsten was trying to sell him.

"Uh, yeah." Awsten answered a tad defensively, annoyed with the fact Travis was questioning him to begin with. Geoff forced a closed mouth smile in Travis' direction. There wasn't anything wrong with Travis or anything, Geoff was just sort of at a loss for words. He was positive that no one's heart could start off as yellow and Travis was living proof that it wasn't true. Geoff wasn't even sure if Awsten knew about Travis potentially being the love of his life. Sure, a song had serenaded both of them and Travis had gotten his slow motion cutscene but Awsten was kind of an idiot sometimes.

"That's me. Geoff. Hi." Geoff wasn't used to all this social interaction. He had spoken to five people counting his Lyft driver this morning and in Geoff's mind, that was five people too many. Somehow that simple hello was the start a very intense question process, mostly directed at Geoff. If the book writing thing didn't work out for Travis, Geoff thought he would make a good lawyer.


"I can't believe you still aren't ready." Awsten scoffed at his roommate, who was pretty content being sprawled across the couch. Geoff wasn't paying attention to him in the slightest. He was texting somebody -probably Chloe- while still eagerly listening to the episode of Voltron playing off of Awsten's laptop. He was seriously regretting giving Geoff his Netflix password.

"You're not ready either." Geoff quipped, eyes darting from his phone to the cartoon in front of him. The last time Awsten had come out to bother him, Awsten had a green face mask on and wasn't wearing pants. He was in no position to comment on Geoff's unpreparedness. Geoff sort of had an outfit laid out on the end of the bed, he just hadn't changed into it just yet. "If you aren't ready, you aren't allowed to scold me."

"You aren't even dressed! At least I'm dressed." Awsten argued, pulling on a pair of socks with tiny pineapples on them. Awsten had managed to squeeze in his careful and time consuming skincare routine before Geoff had even selected an outfit. Awsten tried not to focus on his clothes but it was impossible. He had changed twice already, settling on a black and white sweater that looked like it was covered in newspaper headlines.

"You're dressed and face masked but did you brush your teeth?" Geoff turned his eyes away from the program, flashing Awsten a cheeky grin. The other boy's face flushed as he grumbled a reply, locking himself in the bathroom. Geoff had only met Travis a few days ago but immediately recognized him as a viable option for Awsten. The sunshine yellow heart on his chest was proof of that.

The day after the pair met, Travis invited Awsten for lunch. He had reacted in a typical Awsten fashion; freaking the fuck out because ohmygod, when has Travis ever asked to get lunch? It was because of that reaction, Geoff somehow got roped into going to lunch with the two of them. Travis was fine with the addition and invited another friend of his along. If Geoff was more socially educated, he might've thought it was a double date.

"You'd better be dressed by the time I get out!" Awsten called, words muffled by the toothbrush in his mouth. Geoff moved the mouse on the screen. 3:47 minutes left. A solid minute and a half of that had to be previews. All he had to do was hope Awsten would play with his hair a million times in the mirror until he deemed it suitable. That would give him enough time to finish the episode, change and still be able to bug Awsten about his not-really-but-maybe date.

That thought was short lived. The click came from behind him, Awsten enviably emerging from the bathroom. Geoff sighed, grabbing the clothes next to him and standing up. Awsten opened his mouth, probably to tease the other boy's tardiness or something equally as trivial before his phone rang.

"Tell them we've already left."

A/N: Sorry for the short hiatus! I had really bad writer's block but I think I'm back for good now. I'm not entirely happy with this chapter so I might change it at some point. I'll let you know if I do. Thanks for reading!

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