Chapter 2 - His Point of View

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In the first Chapter we followed the three girls' story. There are other stories that need to be told. I will touch on them in the next few chapters.

This chapter is mainly girls' biological fathers story. However, to tell his story I must tell the mistress' story as well. 

She was invited to a dinner meeting with AT&T workers. She thought that she might find some new friends. She dressed up and went to the dinner. The food was good and she met lots of people. There was one special person though. It was a nice gentleman. They developed a friendship that turned into a physical relationship. They saw each other often. As their relationship carried on she became more happy. Then, she found out that she was pregnant.

She was excited and could not wait to tell her beau. They met for dinner. As dinner progressed the conversation touched her health. She happily told him of the upcoming birth.

She was instantly concerned when his facial expression failed to become happy. His facial expression fell and he had put his face in his hands. He stayed in this position for about a minute. He had NOT expected this to happen!

It is not known if she knew he was married before this moment. He now explained why he had concerns. He spoke about his wife and four children. He was definitely in a pickle! How was he going to deal with this situation? One thing was definite - he had to tell his wife about this relationship.

There was no doubt that she was going to keep the baby. They would figure out what to do. They had a little time to work things out. He would have to help support the child. What would happen to his family, his relationship with his wife? {He SHOULD have thought of THIS MUCH EARLIER!!!! Our view is 20/20 looking back. We have no way of knowing whether or not he had even thought of this complication before this point!}

He went home with a heavy heart, still bewildered. How had he allowed himself to get in this position? It was obvious to him that he should have expected to tell his wife about his 'mistress' one time or another. What would she do? Would she kick him out? Would she mention getting a divorce? Would she hurt him - other than mentally. He did not wish to hurt her more than was necessary.

He told her about the 'hidden' relationship. He held her as she cried. He told her about the upcoming birth. What would they do? He promised to stop the physical relationship. He would NOT do this again. Would she help him or be agreeable to his involvement in the babies life? How much time would he have for the baby?

He went back to visit his mistress. He explained the steps he had taken and would expect to do after the birth. He still spent time with his mistress. They got ready for the baby; purchased clothes, diapers, bassinet, and other things.

We don't know if he was happy while doing all of this or melancholy. We also do not know how his wife and older children were handling the news. Were they happy about it or did they get upset and angry about dad and the mistress [and child]. We also do not know about his thought process at this time. Did it affect his work? Was he excited when with his mistress? Was he still telling his wouldn't do it again?

Well the months turned into weeks. The weeks turned into days. Then the child arrived October 19, 1963. We know the baby was a girl. We know that she went home with her mother. He spent time with his little girl at his mistresses home. She was there when he spent time with his little girl. We know that the eldest of his older children baby sat at times.

The strange situation continued. How did the wife feel? How did the eldest child feel about this? How did his other 3 children feel? How did he feel about it? We do not know.

A few good things DID happen. The baby grew and bonded with her father and mother. The wife and children were involved. He continued to work while juggling the two families. The physical relationship continued, maybe not at first but it did continue. [Of course there IS a possibility another 'beau' was involved. One thing is certain - all three babies look alike.]

The day came when he found out that the mistress was, once again, pregnant. This was not happily endured by his wife. It was not happily endured by the eldest of his older children. We don't know how he and the mistress took the news of the new pending birth. here was more news. The mistress was going to have not 1 but 2 babies!

I am positive there was an eruption at the family home. For the first child he could and did receive forgiveness. Not this time. He was not able to explain it away.

There was yet more 'news' to be learned. He had started to feel ill. He went to his family doctor. He was sent for tests. Then he was sent for more specific tests. The news was not good. His kidneys weren't functioning properly. There was nothing the doctors - even specialists - could do. He was going to have to have dialysis at some point in his future. If he ate well and lost the stressors in his life it would be longer before dialysis would be necessary.

Eating better would be easy. Get rid of the stressors in his life was next to impossible. Not only was his mistress pregnant again, she was going to have twins, she was not able to work this pregnancy, he had TWO families to support, he dearly loved his wife and ALL 7 of his children.

His wife and he sat down to try to find a solution. What could they do? There was no way the mistress could move in with the family. She would have a hard time supporting the three children on her own. The life insurance would not cover the two families. {Would the wife have to get a job or was she already working?} What about the mortgage for the family home? So many questions - what were the answers?

They came up with a plan. It was not perfect but it might work. The three parents would have to agree. Would the mistress agree? The wife wasn't completely happy with it but thought of the children before her own feelings.

He went to the mistress to tell her the problem and the solution they had come up with. I am sure that she was not completely happy with the news - not all of it - and did not want him to get sick. I imagine there were a few mood swings involved; she was pregnant after all.

The plan was:

He would divorce his wife.  

He would marry the mistress and adopt the children. {This was completely perfect for the mistress.}  

He would divorce the mistress.  

He would re-marry his wife.  

She would adopt the 3 children and raise them as her own.

The mistress was not happy! She loved the first 2 parts but not the rest. Okay, the wife was being selfless. The children would definitely be raised in a better neighborhood. The children would have things she could not give them. She would be able to visit the girls. All of the children would be under one roof - this HE WANTED! He would be able to have less stress and possibly live longer.

She agreed to the plan. The divorce from the wife happened. He married his mistress. Some how the plan blew up here. The twin baby girls were born. The babies grew and developed. The mistress decided that she should be compensated monetarily before the plan could go forward.

Talk about stress! It wasn't this bad before the plan was started. Each day he became more stressed and tired. His first family became more and more concerned, they knew what was going on and were VERY UPSET about it.

Then the last argument happened. He became very angry about today's figure - $5,000 - for compliance with the adoption and divorce. As he thought about it a blinding pain started in his head. He was physically ill. This WAS NOT A MIGRAINE! He went to the hospital in an ambulance. We do not know if his first family was called or where the children went or if the mistress turned wife even went to the hospital.

He was right. That was no migraine! It was a cerebral aneurism. [A blood vessel burst in his head.] He didn't leave the hospital alive. The mistress turned wife planned the funeral, received the contents of his desk and received the life insurance.

The selfless first wife received NOTHING - not even the cards from the funeral. The first family became so very angry! Nothing happened as planned. There was nothing they could do - nothing had been written or signed. They watched as the 3 were mistreated, malnourished, and adopted by some one met at a Truck Stop! How would they be raised? {They would not know for over 20 years.}

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