Chapter Thirteen - Don't Cry Over Spilled Coffee

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Kayla's P. O. V.


I looked in the mirror and took a deep breath.

I looked over my outfit, my hair, my everything. I had on a black hoodie and some blue jeans, and I had on some grey converse. My dark black hair was out and straight, and my face was completely bare.

Good. I didn't stand out. My cousin had told me about Kingston High, and about all the mean bitches, the horny sluts, the man whore playboys. The last thing I needed was to stand out or to be put in one of those categories.

I had to leave my old school, Billington, because of bullying. My low self esteem and depression cause me to develop suicidal thoughts, and being constantly told that you're ugly and fat doesn't really soothe the situation.

I sighed. No matter how much I didn't want this day to come, it happened. I wish I could just be homeschooled or something.

"Come on Kayla hunny, or you'll be late for your first day!" I heard my Mom yell from the first floor.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I yelled back.

I rushed down the stairs to see my father, prim and prepped in his suit and ready for work and my mother in her cooking apron. They're foreheads were pressed together as they gazed into each other's eyes, and I suppressed a gag.

"Oh my god, get a room!" I teased.

"If it weren't for us you wouldn't be here." My dad wore a cheeky grin because of his lude joke.

"Ew, dad. TMI." I cringed. I went to the counter and picked up an apple.

"Come on dad, I'm ready. Unless you want me to be lat-"

"Oh no, a Till is never late!" I laughed at my dad's proclamation.

"Then we should leave." I say. "Bye mom," I kiss my mother on the cheek and head out of the door to my dad's car.


Ava's P.O.V.

The past week has been much better with Evan by my side. I told my parents about his situation after he told me, and they agreed to allow him to stay with us. Though, my dad made him sleep in the basement to prevent him from corrupting his 'little girl'.

My parents weren't in the best state, as I knew my mother was still cheating on my father, but now that Evan was staying with us, she had to go do her dirty work somewhere else. My dad was still chippy, bright and optimistic, and it broke my heart a little every time he kissed that slut on the cheek and told her he loved her. Sometimes I just wanted to knock that woman out, but Evan's touch alone allowed me to go into a state of calm.

As you may have guessed, Evan and I were official. Well, not exactly. Evan, of course, still had his little fan club. So we decided to keep to as private as possible though Evan has told me numerous times that he struggles to hold himself back. Still, I didn't need 60% of school's female population lunging their thirsty asses at me, so I told him to find some self-control.

Today was just your average day. Evan banged on my door and I groaned as I fell out of my bed and opened it.

"What do you want assface?" I moaned.

He pretended to whimper. "I thought my nickname was handsome."

I rolled my eyes and chuckled. "Maybe your fanbase thinks so."

"Ouch." He put his hand over his chest with a playful smirk.

"Anyway, it's time to get ready for school pancake. I'll leave you to get ready." He smiled a devilish smile.

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